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Satanic Black Mass in Oklahoma: Sign Your e-Protest Against This Public Sacrilege

Over 35,000 signed the protest already!!!

After failing at Harvard University, satanists are now planning a "Black Mass" in Oklahoma on public property.  The attack against Our Lord is slated to take place on September 21.

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Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University – Call in your protest

A Satanic Black Mass at Harvard University is scheduled for Monday, May 12.  We cannot remain silent!

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Another Pro-Homosexual "Drag Show" at Catholic USD: Vatican Calls it a 'Scandal'

The Catholic University of San Diego is hosting its third pro-homosexual “drag show” on April 10 at Shiley Theatre.  The offensive event is called PRIDE's Celebration of Gender Expression: Supreme Drag Superstar III.

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"Smoke of Satan" Enters Catholic Le Moyne College with Impure Drag Show

TFP Student Action is asking its members to send a peaceful message to Dr. Pestello at Le Moyne College, urging him to cancel the drag show.

Sign your urgent & peaceful protest here


Public High School Censors Pro-Life Students, But Not Pro-Homosexual Group

How free speech at Wilson High works (or doesn't):
Pro-life posters: No. Not approved
Pro-homosexual posters: Yes, approved

Click here to tell the school to restore the pro-lifers' 1st Amendment Rights

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