Catholic College to Host Same-Sex “Marriage” Activist – Protest Kicks Off

By TFP Student Action   
February 21, 2011
Saint Peter Canisius
Saint Peter Canisius,
pray for us!


Canisius College – a Jesuit institution – has invited an open homosexual activist, Dustin Lance Black, to talk about “Leadership for Equal Rights: GLBT Equality.”  According to the college’s web site, the lecture is scheduled on March 10 as part of a Leadership Series program.

The web site post is here:

Not only is Black a homosexual activist and screenwriter for the movie “Milk,” but he is also a board member of the American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which sponsored a federal court challenge to overturn Prop. 8 – the 2008 amendment that defends traditional marriage in California.

In a 2010 interview published in MetroWeekly, Black says:

“…we can't let them do what they did in Proposition 8… in 10 years the majority of the country will overwhelmingly want to vote in favor of gay marriage, and that will be because we've changed all of the folks in America… It’s like Paris Barclay said, ‘It’s gonna have to come through things like films, television, books and most importantly, people telling their personal stories to their neighbors and co-workers and families.’ That will have to happen culturally.”

Canisius College pro-homosexual lecture
Here's a screen shot from
the college's web site
promoting the lecture.


“Why is someone with a clear anti-family agenda invited to address Catholic students at a Catholic college?” questioned TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie.

“Our culture is in dire need of moral role models, leaders with moral courage who will stand up against the lies of same-sex ‘marriage’ and the culture of death,” he said. “God’s marriage is non-negotiable.  And I’m hoping Canisius stops this scandal.”

TFP Student Action is asking its members to sign a protest petition, urging Fr. Vincent M. Cooke to cancel the anti-family lecture.

To voice your concern politely yet firmly, please contact:

Dr. John J. Hurley
Canisius College, President
2001 Main Street
Buffalo, NY 14208-1098
Phone: 716-888-2100
E-mail: [email protected]



0 # f crable 2011-02-23 19:19
Fr Vincent M. Cooke:
Please cancel the anti-family lecture to be presented by Justin Lance Black
Thank you
F Crablemnkun
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0 # joan loebker 2011-02-23 21:23
I pray that all Catholic colleges follow the directives of the Church regarding, life, marriage, and family.
Please cancel this speaker immediately!

Pray to the Holy Spirit for courage.
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0 # John W Rabby 2011-02-23 23:18
Dear President Hurley,

I can appreciate your apparent intention to present your students (and the community) with a broad spectrum of freedom, but you really should review your decision which appears to support a moral position advocated by the guest speaker to the detriment of the basic principles of the Catholic Church.

As a convert from Methodism to Catholicism (I took Thomas Aquinas as my confirmation name) at the age of 23 at a fine Jesuit college, Spring Hill, I developed a very strong tie to all that is truly Catholic.

I am disappointed with the current trend to homosexual unions that usurp the holy title of "marriage." Leaders of the Catholic world should be in the forefront of the defense of marriage.


John W Rabby
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-6 # Aram 2011-02-28 14:41
Anti-family? That's what you are trying to stick people with now?

Mr. Black is not anti-family. The only people trying to be anti-family are bigots like you who insist that everyone must live how they liven. Those like you that would deny the love and families that are built around that love.

How weak is your faith that you must silence the words of a man who disagrees with you?
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+1 # Michael 2011-03-02 12:13
Actually, our faith in the Catholic Church and its clear, comprehensive teachings is quite strong. However, the poor catechesis over previous decades has resulted in great ignorance among nominal "catholics" (perhaps such as those sponsoring the lecture in question). Too often an inability to explain, defend, and champion the Faith (that which built and continues to sustain Western Civilization), with charity and clarity, results in misunderstandings and accusations from moral relativists who advocate the militant "homosexual" agenda, same-sex so-called "marriage", abortion, etc. It's disgraceful that Canisius College would even consider sponsoring such a lecture. Long live the 'New Evangelization' of John Paul II! And may the Truth set us free.
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+4 # familymom 2011-03-02 20:57
Canisius Rocks! LOOK UP THE WORD JESUIT. Years ago, now Secy. of State Clinton spoke at Canisius to vile but few complaints. The middle ages are dead and burried. Life moves on...with or without the ball and chain of the insecure. Be not affraid to love and learn.
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-3 # TheresaGrace 2011-03-03 16:05
Mr. Hurley, I urge you to prayerfully discern the decision to have Dustin Black speak @ the college. Yours is a CATHOLIC college. Irregardless what your personal views may be, whatever is presented at or taught in the school should be in keeping with the Magisterium. Jesus warned us that "in those days, they ( the people), will be calling good "evil" and evil "good". Same sex marriage is not "marriage" at all. It is EVIL! I pray you will cancel Mr. Blacks engagement and steer clear of any one or thing in opposition to Mother Church.
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-2 # Stephen Sia 2011-03-04 01:48
The college must show it has the courage to defend what it believes in. Allowing a homosexual activist to come and speak on a subject that is anti-Catholic is certainly not the way to show it has spine.
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0 # Cluemarket 2011-03-04 12:55
If homosexuals want to proselytize... fine. However, they should not be give a Catholic pulpit to do so.
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-2 # Randy Gluth 2011-03-06 23:00
Dr. Hurley
As overseer of all matters at the college it is important to defend the morals that a true catholic college should stand for. Please do not allow the denigration of our catholic beliefs by allowing Dustin Black to spread a poison that could indeed threaten the souls of the students under your direction.The integrity and dignity of your institution are also at risk by permitting such perverse lecture.
Randy Gluth
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0 # Kay 2011-03-08 17:29
Please cancel this speaker.
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0 # Jack Van Kirk 2011-03-14 14:25
Quoting Aram:
Anti-family? That's what you are trying to stick people with now?

Mr. Black is not anti-family. The only people trying to be anti-family are bigots like you who insist that everyone must live how they liven. Those like you that would deny the love and families that are built around that love.

How weak is your faith that you must silence the words of a man who disagrees with you?

Here we go: the "bigot" card. Our faith is not weak at all. Any tiem someone opposes gay "marriage", they are suddenly "bigots". That's not an argument, it's name-calling. How insecure are you that you must silence anyone that doesn't promote sin?
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0 # Alexis 2011-03-16 11:12
just because the speaker supports same sex marriage doesnt mean that homosexuals are anti family. you catholics are so caught up with what you think is right you dont see that you are wrong...being gay does not make them anti family, evil, or satan worshipers like im sure many of you think they probably are...gays dont love each other for pleasure its because they care about each other...but you all look past that because your priests say its wrong so you believe that is true... its not immoral to love someone because of who they are...its like you are the nazis and the gays are the think your better then them...i wouldnt be surprised if one of your followers went radical and started a killing people make me sick to think that your mind is so clouded with judgment and the belief that your never wrong
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