5 Reasons Why Communist Activist Angela Davis Should NOT Visit (Catholic) Seattle University

By James Bascom   
September 13, 2013

It would be difficult to find a speaker who contradicts the teaching of the Catholic Church on more levels than Angela Davis.  Stalin maybe?  She is a notorious feminist, Marxist, communist, socialist who engages in pro-abortion, pro-same-sex "marriage" activism.

Sign the petition asking Seattle University to cancel Angela Davis' speech.

Angela Davis







A leader of the Soviet Women's Committee (left) hands a memento to Angela Davis (center), member of the Communist Party USA. Photo from 1972.

Yet, despite Davis' dismal record, Seattle University -- a Catholic institution -- plans to host a talk, book signing and reception for her on October 17 in the Campion Ballroom.  The event is sponsored by the Center for the Study of Justice in Society.

TFP Student Action invites you to protest because:

1.  Angela Davis publically supports abortion
“Birth control – individual choice, safe contraceptive methods, as well as abortions when necessary – is a fundamental prerequisite for the emancipation of women,” wrote Davis in her book Women, Race and Class. (source)

During a 2012 speech at the University of Kansas, Davis said:  "I was asked to write a statement that very specifically engaged with the issue of abortion rights.  Of course, I was in favor of women's abortion rights..."

2. Angela Davis promotes same-sex "marriage"
At San Jose State University, Davis stated: "Even those of us who are critical of the institution of marriage should be able to say if some people have the right to get marriage, then everybody should have the civil right to get married."

The pro-homosexual web site "LGBT History Month" calls Angela Davis an icon of the homosexual movement and features a video about her left-wing activism.

3. Angela Davis promotes atheistic communism / socialism  
In 1980 and 1984, Davis ran for vice-president of the United States on the Communist Party ticket together with Gus Hall.  In 1979, Davis was awarded the International Lenin Peace Prize (formerly the International Stalin Peace Prize) by then-communist East Germany.  More recently, she delivered a speech in Detroit proposing "socialism for us all."  Davis was also active in the Black Panther Party and was a friend of the Freudian, Marxist intellectual, Herbert Marcuse.  For a period of time, she was on the FBI's 10 Most Wanted list. (source)

4. Angela Davis still clings to anti-Catholic ideology
There is no indication that Davis has either relinquished her anti-family views, which stand against natural marriage and the right to life, or let go of her radical egalitarian ideology.  In fact, she promoted Marxist class struggle in a public speech to the Occupy Wall Street gathering at Washington Square in New York in 2011.  And she has renewed her pro-abortion stance on multiple occasions.

5.  Angela Davis undermines Catholic education and identity
Seattle University's web site displays the time-honored motto of the Society of Jesus:  Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam, meaning "For the greater glory of God."  This phrase faithfully represents the spirit of the heroic Saint Ignatius who founded the Company of Jesus.  However, by giving a platform to Angela Davis, Seattle University harms its own Catholic reputation and identity and signals a sharp shift away from that glorious motto to do all things "for the greater glory of God."

Please protest now (click here)

TFP Student Action director John Ritchie stated: "If these reasons are not ample and sufficient grounds to cancel Angela Davis' appearance, will any anti-Catholic or sinful position be outrageous enough to disqualify any speaker from receiving a warm welcome at Seattle University?"

"Everyone knows that Communism is responsible for killing about 100 million people.  And countless people still suffer from its death grip in Cuba, North Korea, Vietnam and China.  So why does this ideology continue lurking in the halls of liberal academia with impunity?" Ritchie asked.  "Even worse, why is a Catholic university allowing Davis on campus when she publically merges abortion and same-sex 'marriage' with Marx?"

Voice your concern politely yet firmly:

Fr. Stephen V. Sundborg, SJ
Seattle University, President
Phone: 206-296-1891
E-mail: [email protected]



+3 # Joyce Lenardson 2013-09-13 20:17
Dear Father Sundborg,
You have a moral obligation to protect the students from this terrible error! Communism is one of the worst evils! You can't be Catholic and communist at the same time! Read their beliefs to see how true this is. My sincere prayers that you do the right thing. God Bless you, Joyce Lenardson
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+6 # T.Foster 2013-09-13 20:51
I really don't understand why these Catholic universities continue to invite controversy like this. To prove they are open-minded? I wouldn't have such an issue with this if there was someone there to debate and refute her views. But if this is purely a platform for her to promote her point of view only... well that is nothing short of scandalous and those in charge at the University need to be called to account.
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+7 # szasz.peter.domonkos 2013-09-14 04:42
J! M! J!

Fr. Stephen V. Sundborg SJ,

I lived in a former Communist state, Hungary. When Catholics killed for their faith, and somebody asked A. Davis to help them, she repudiated the request. She is an anti-catholic hypocrite. It makes me sad, that a Catholic University would invite her to give a lecture. She is not invited for a real dispute, where her anti-Catholic statements are refuted by some Catholic intellectuals. She is invited to show and praise her anti-Catholic Frankfurtian School doctrines.

Excuse me for my inaccurate and erroneous English grammar.

In Jesu et Maria,
Peter Szász
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+2 # Sandi Trusso 2013-09-14 16:16
Dear Fr. Sundborg SJ,
I can't understand what is wrong with you. You should have an entire class on this woman, and why as Catholics, we find her ideology unacceptable vs hosting a talk and a book signing for her. This is not "education", this is not "dialogue"... Most of today's students don't know her, and yet you're presenting her in a positive light.
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+3 # leon aud 2013-09-17 11:35
As a priest, sworn to uphold the teachings of Jesus and all of his beliefs, how can you do this? Inviting a person who advocates murder and all the other evils that the Catholic Church is against is not being a leader, let alone in charge of a major university.
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+5 # robert hapner 2013-09-17 11:42
Dear Fr. Sundborg
What is your motivation for celebrating angela davis? I have 4 kids that attended colleges, 3 secular and one at Franciscan Steubenville. What kids are getting in our universities is not social education but liberal indoctrination; (with the exception of some Catholic institutions). YOU are promoting that same indoctrination by this action. Shame on you.
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+1 # Frank 2013-09-17 12:24
Fr. Sunborg,
What in the world is wrong with you?! A known communist speaking at your Catholic university is just as horrendous as the Marxist obama speaking at Notre Dame and Georgetown. You need to go to confession for this grievous sin. What is it with you Jesuits? Do the Catholic church a favor and resign not only your position at this school but contact your bishop and request a release from your vows. The Catholic church DOES NOT need priests like you!!
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+2 # Maureen Murphy 2013-09-17 12:41
Father Sundborg, I am mystified. What part of "FOR THE GREATER OF GOD", do you not understand?
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+4 # David & Mary Demko 2013-09-17 14:22
Father Sundborg,
You are in our prayers as one of our Catholic priests. However, please reconsider your decision to allow Angela Davis a speaking platform at your Catholic university. The TRUTH must be proclaimed from every Catholic institution; the world is giving our youth so many ideas contradictory to Jesus' truth - why would you allow more of this world's lies to be offered to your students when there are so many truly good messages you could offer them? We need faith, hope and truth; please choose to only edify and strengthen the students entrusted to your shepherding. You are accountable for the way in which you lead Christ's flock; do what is right and noble. Cancel Angela Davis' speaking engagement at Seattle University.
In Christ,
Mr. & Mrs. David Demko
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+1 # Lawrence Ricchio 2013-09-17 14:28
We have fought Communism on all fronts for the last 75 years Avowed communist Angela Davis along w/ Eldridge Cleaver and the Black Panther party, admittedly would use any means to undermine the freedom, and high ethics of this great Country, including kidnapping a judge in the midst of a trial, and advocating the killing of police, and guess what? half of her old cronies are either part of the administration, or supporters thereof.
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-1 # Mary 2013-09-17 14:57
Father Sundborg,

As stated in the Declaration of Independence, "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness." It's puzzling that a Catholic University would invite someone who is opposed to the beliefs held by the Church and our country. Please rescind your offer or invite someone who can refute her views.
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0 # Maureen 2013-09-17 21:29
Dear Father Sundborg,
Father I am writing to request that you reconsider allowing Angela Davis to come and speak at your university. You are responsible for all the souls attending your university and will be held accountable for any souls that are led astray. Allowing Ms. Davis, who is clearly against Catholic values, to speak will cause confusion in the minds of your students. You and you alone will stand before Our Lord at the moment of your last breath and I pray that when that time comes you will be happy to see Him and to bring Him greater glory and honor.
With my affection and prayers on your behalf, May God richly bless you for answering His call to care for His little ones.
Your sister in Christ,
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+7 # Gabriel P. 2013-09-17 22:27
I support to present her movie.
Throughout her life, Angela has witnessed and lived discrimination; Angela was a political prisoner that learned about the injustice that takes place within our prison system. She has been an advocate for social rights, inclusion and rights. She resigned years ago from the Communist Party, We should stop judging her. She opposes the death penalty.
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+1 # Christopher 2013-09-18 04:18
I can't understand why this lady is invited and what benefit she serves in her obscure beliefs. Hopefully the University will see sense and make a wise choice.
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+1 # Paul Crudo 2013-09-18 10:50
Angela Davis in Campion Hall?! Perhaps your students should learn more about that sainted Jesuit, Edmund Campion, and less about this woman whose philosophy of life is so anti Campion. As young woman, she was involved with the murderous Black Panthers, with their violent history, and still never was penalized, but rather glorified, for her activities.
How much tuition must your student's hard working parents asked to pay to listen to someone who would like to destroy much of what is important to them.
If Seattle and the Jesuits are still truly Catholic, why not a speaker to encourage your students to be live their Catholic faith. At one time, I thought this is what Catholic education is all about. I would prefer for my children to consider Edmund Campion, S.J., as their hero and one to be honored, rather than Angela Davis.
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-4 # joe lang 2013-09-18 20:38
Dear Father Sundborg Please find a champion of Catholic values and rights. Don't give in to the liberal agenda. Our Catholic college students ( including my daughter ) have to hide their true beliefs in order to achieve good grades. They don't need Angela Davis.
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-4 # LIn 2013-09-19 09:52
I do not agree with the visit, please retract!
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-5 # Glenda 2013-09-20 14:29
Father Sundborg,
By God's choice or your own, As a Catholic Priest, you should remember that you have sworn to GOD, to uphold the teachings of HIS Catholic Church. Please be truthful at all times! Do not take your flock to perdition, or you will lose your immortal soul.
May Our Lord Jesus Christ in His Mercy forgive You and guide you.
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+14 # Christian Simonetti 2013-09-23 12:23
You people are political neanderthals and reactionaries. Angela Davis is a brilliant intellectual and activist who has made enormous contributions to movements for social justice and change during the past five decades. The Catholic Church has committed genocide throughout the globe during the past several centuries. It is one of the most barbaric institutions in history and has propped up repressive regimes throughout the world, as long as they continued to fill the Vaticans coffers. You sicken me and everyone with an iota of intelligence.
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+18 # Taylor 2013-09-26 05:30
I am a student at Seattle University. I think you all should honestly look at the university before deciding what is appropriate for us to learn and not to learn. Having a woman like Angela Davis is completely in-line with the Seattle University mission of giving us the opportunity to learn from more than just one perspective. We are given the chance to be exposed to all options and decide for ourselves what we think is best. Censoring who we learn from just prevents us from being able to make decisions for ourselves. Often we have panels representing opposing view-points. I think you all should consider the University and it's student population before trying to speak for them.
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-6 # Catherine 2013-09-28 13:20
Yeah, well when you start writing 40k checks for "Catholic" education, you may have a different thought. The Jesuits FIRST obligation is to Jesus and His Church in obedience to the Magisterium.
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+14 # UPeopleCrazy 2013-09-30 14:11
First, it's 2013. There is nothing wrong with someone speaking about ideology. Second, the majority of students are not Catholic. Third, barely anyone at the school cares about religion. Fourth, if you're so worried about her speaking - you need to take a look at yourself. Fifth, the person that made a comment about writing $40k checks and the Jesuit obligation - I write my own $40k check in the form of a student loan, and I better be receiving an open and global education. Lastly, if you all are so concerned about SU's values - don't you know there are a good percentage of gay faculty and staff. Isn't that against the principles? Well, not according to the new Pope!! Chill the f*%$ out.
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+14 # Carol Isaac 2013-09-30 17:54
Thank you, Seattle University, for practicing free speech.
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-2 # Sarah 2013-10-04 12:07
Father Sundborg,
As a student of Seattle University, I am glad that you allow students to experience diverse opinions with an open mind. I am also glad that you don't practice censorship of opinions that you disagree with. I also believe that many of the things, that you stated as reasons that she shouldn't come, are reasons she should come according to the core values of the university.
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0 # John 2013-10-05 11:50
Hello Fr. Sundburg,

I'm so glad there is no distinction between right and wrong on campus anymore.

If Hitler were still alive, we could invite him too. I'm sure he would have something positive to contribute to our learning process where censorship is perhaps to only sin worth objecting to anymore.

I mean, everyone has a point of view that should be heard and shared, right? All ideas are equal.

Professors tell me that students will never have the ability to know for sure what they want unless we experience communism for ourselves -- firsthand.

So who wants to go with me to Siberia and live in a prison camp? See what hunger, torture, and death feel like.

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0 # Sister Mary Monica P 2013-10-20 14:16

Evidently someone is trying to indoctrinate Catholicism with anti-Catholic beliefs! Catholic parents/students are being betrayed, AND are paying hard earned money for it!
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0 # Marie 2013-12-02 22:18
You are crazy. I went to Seattle Prep & I can tell you Jesuits are some of the most radical people you will meet anywhere. Sometimes they are even against going to Mass because it is too mainstream. Catholics love Angela Davis. Catholics also love abortion, gay marriage, and Communism. Get real! Seattle Catholics are some of the most liberal Catholics on the face of the planet. You do not speak for Seattle U.
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-1 # Henry Fuss 2013-12-13 22:48
She has nothing to offer God or His people. Her views are
damaging and harmful to any normal society.
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