NEW Attack on Our Lord at Gallaudet University

By James Bascom   
April 01, 2010
Our Lord Scourged
"If I have spoken evil, give testimony of the evil; but if well, why strikest thou me?" (John 18:23)
Gallaudet University in Washington, D.C. plans to perform Corpus Christi on April 8-10 in its Andrew Foster Auditorium.

The same blasphemous play, which portrays Our Lord and the Apostles as homosexuals, was canceled last week at Tarleton State University in Texas due to large peaceful protests.

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"No. Blasphemy does not qualify as free speech," said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie.  "Just as everyone is entitled to their own good reputation, Gallaudet University has no right to harm and slander the spotless reputation of the God-Man with blasphemy, then run to academic freedom for cover."

Call to protest: 202-651-5005

Gallaudet University was founded in 1864 by an Act of Congress, and President Abraham Lincoln signed its charter.  Since then it has received generous federal tax dollars. In fact, the university now receives approximately 70% of its funding from the federal government according to its web site. Therefore, if the university does not cancel Corpus Christi, it will be using tax dollars to bash the faith of 68 million Catholics.

TFP Student Action is inviting its members to contact the president of Gallaudet University with a simple message: cancel the play.

Send your peaceful and legal online protest against this offensive play to the president of Gallaudet University, Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz.

  • It's very easy to fill out.  Just go here.
  • Then foward this alert far and wide. Anyone can sign.
  • You can also help by posting this alert on your blog, site or facebook.

Contact information (be polite but firm):

Gallaudet University
Dr. T. Alan Hurwitz, president
800 Florida Avenue, NE
Washington, DC 20002
Voice: 202-651-5005
Fax: 202-651-5508

Prof. Willy Conley
Chair of the Department of Theatre Arts

The blasphemous play is advertised on Gallaudet's web site here.