Sign URGENT Petition: Help Veteran Fly His Flag

By TFP Student Action   
December 07, 2009
Van Thomas Barfoot
Support Col. Barfoot by signing the petition

Update, Dec. 9: Today, according to press reports, the homeowners association has backed down, dropping the case against Col. Barfoot.  A special thanks to all of you who signed this petition (over 2,500). God bless America!

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Every day at sunrise, Medal of Honor winner Col. Van T. Barfoot hoists Old Glory with respect and pride. However, the 90-year-old veteran was recently told to remove the flagpole from his own front yard or face a lawsuit and fines.

In fact, the local homeowner’s association says the 21 foot flagpole violates neighborhood regulations and needs to come down soon – by December 11. If the flagpole is not removed, a Richmond, VA law firm will go after Col. Barfoot.

Call for Urgent Action

  • Please urge the Sussex Square Homeowners Association to drop the case and allow Col. Van T. Barfoot to fly the American flag as he has been for decades.
  • And after signing your own petition, please forward this email to everyone who might be willing to stand behind this American hero.
Sign your petition immediately

"It's so upsetting how flag desecration is considered 'free speech' in America, yet this outstanding war hero is being castigated for flying the Stars and Stripes with dignity," said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie.

Please sign your petition without delay and tell your friends about it before December 11, the deadline given to remove the flagpole.

Our flag is our honor. God bless you for caring. God bless Col. Barfoot.

Contact information:

Sussex Square Services
Homeowners Association President: Glenn Wilson
11800 North Downs Square
Richmond, VA 23238
Call (804) 741-9160