Pro-Homosexual Clubs Found at 107 Catholic Colleges: PROTEST NOW

By TFP Student Action   
December 06, 2011
Gay Straight Alliance at St Mary's College
This is a screen shot from
Mount St. Mary's College,
promoting their club.

Help Catholic students collect 100,000 Save Our Catholic Colleges protest petitions

Why are pro-homosexual clubs allowed to promote anti-Catholic behavior on Catholic campuses?

After examining the official web sites of 244 Catholic universities and colleges in America, TFP Student Action found that 107 – or 43% – recognize student clubs that favor the homosexual agenda.  Many of these clubs promote same-sex “marriage,” open homosexuality in the military, and push for the mainstreaming of unnatural vice.

Here are a few examples:

Saint Norbert College’s Rainbow Alliance promotes anti-Catholic events such as Celebrate Bisexuality Day, National Coming Out Day, Transgender Day, and Gender Bender Dances.

The University of Notre Dame’s Core Council for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Questioning Students promotes a campus wide Day of Silence, and works to implement “educational programming on gay and lesbian issues.”

Georgetown University promotes a “Genderfunk Drag Ball” described in these terms:  “No matter gay, straight, or bi, lesbian, transgender life, only you can say you’re born this way. Uncap the lipstick, break out the fishnets, draw on the 'stache, unleash the chest hair, and redefine gender in your own way… Challenge yourself, challenge the binary.”

LGBT at Georgetown
This screen shot of Georgetown University's web site shows how
the homosexual agenda is openly promoted at America's oldest
Catholic university.
See the list of 107 Catholic universities with objectionable clubs

“Students are getting immoral messages from these clubs,” observed TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie.  “A sort of dictatorship of tolerance is slowly squeezing out the truth, silencing Catholic teaching right on Catholic campuses.  More and more Catholic college students are confronted with visible, active and well-funded pro-homosexual clubs that openly contradict natural law and undermine moral values.  To see this happening at Catholic institutions of higher learning is particularly disturbing.”

“TFP Student Action is rushing to collect 100,000 petitions, urging the presidents of Catholic universities to uphold authentic Catholic doctrine,” Ritchie said. “It’s time to correct the scandal and disband these 107 pro-homosexual clubs.”

Over 17,200 students and concerned parents have already signed the protest petition.

1. Sign your peaceful Save Our Catholic Colleges e-protest now.
You don’t need to be a student to sign.  Everyone can join.

2. Spread the word.  Help this campaign snowball by inviting your friends to participate.  Use email, facebook and others ways to share this message.

Purity is the Answer
TFP Student Action has no intention to defame or disparage anyone with this campaign. We do not harbor personal hatred against any individual.

By intellectually opposing individuals or organizations promoting the homosexual agenda, our only intent is to defend marriage, the family, Catholic education, and the precious remnants of Christian civilization in society.




-2 # Always Happy 2011-12-07 12:50
So is anyone really surprised? When will Catholics wake-up to the reality that our so-called Catholic high schools, colleges and universities, are 'Catholic' in name, only. Sad to say, too many parents are paying all too much for their child to attend these so-called 'Catholic' institutions. And, as usual, our bishops have little or nothing to say. So why are we surprised?
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-1 # pete 2011-12-07 14:52
Send your article to the Vatican. This has gone on TOO LONG. EVERY JESUIT UNIVERSITY HAS IMMORAL PROMOTION OF GAY LIFE-STYLE. By the principle of SUBSIDIARITY if a lower authority can or does not solve a flagrant and widespread immorality,THEN THE HIGHER AUTHORITY MUST. As for the Jesuit Order, the solemnly professed which includes ALL SUPERIORS TAKE A VOW OF OBEIDENCE TO THE PERSON OF THE POPE. All the Holy Father has to do is make a phone call to the Superior General and say "under holy obedience I command to eradicate all trace of promoting the gay life style etc in every institution of the Order.
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-9 # Gabriel Espinosa 2011-12-07 15:22
You don't have to apologize to anyone gentlemen! Warriors for Christ and Knights for our Lady do not apologize...THEY DO!

You all are an inspiration and put the majority of Catholics to shame, including laypeople all the way up to Princes of the Church!
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+6 # Laurel 2011-12-07 15:25
To Always Happy
You comment: Catholic high schools, name, only." Perhaps, it is necessary to add to the list:
parents, priests, bishops.

Not everyone who says, "Lord, Lord," will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father. (Mt 7:21-23)
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+20 # Richard Cross 2011-12-07 15:27
What a bunch of bigots and a disgrace to Catholicism
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-2 # vrodrig4 2011-12-07 16:36
No, we are not surprised. No, we expect "Catholic-in-name-only" institutions to not only disregard Catholic teaching, but mock it. We ought to be outraged. Not surprised. We ought to be disgusted and ashamed. Not surprised. The scary thing is we expect it.
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+5 # stillpraying 2011-12-07 21:43
As a parent we sent our children to catholic schools. SO many are barely, or Catholic in name only. no real teaching of doctrine.
no club should promote a lifestyle contrary to church teachings. Instead college campuses should have the ministry of "Courage" to help those with true Charity and love for those who struggle with same sex attraction to the goal of living chaste lives as we are all called to do. Instead of promoting a lifestyle that only leads to sin and being cut off from God.
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+3 # Joan Swan 2011-12-08 00:21
To: pete

Very good advice. I have often asked myself why the Holy Father does not strip these Universities of their Catholic identity.

As you said, the Jesuits take a vow of special obedience to the Holy Father. If they refuse obedience, they should be excommunicated.
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-4 # Tout 2011-12-08 02:30
Akt.Will this help ? Once in a while, wear a T-shirt with(for instance) the(small ?) design of a cross,with a sloping line from the top to each arm. If anyone speaks about the cross,ask "Is that all you see ?" and "I like this design". Fill the 2 triangles with a different color.Don't forget:the sign of a fish was used in the first centuries. Make the drawing in white,filled with yellow.Any design with a cross in it. Maybe with white,yellow and a third color. Only if a simple cross is forbidden.Designs don't have to be all the same size.Think, then act.
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+1 # Curieux 2011-12-08 09:44
Y'all know what? As a physician I don't discriminate among creations children, and some are truly just born that way. Catholics from the Pope down are prone to intolerance and bigotry and this initiative is just that. No, Purity is NOT the answer unless you are a crazy like Rick Santorum or Michele Bachmann. Good for the Catholic Institutions that embrace Equality and Tolerance and Love in all its forms! demonstrates. For all religious fanatics out there whether Catholic or fundy evangelistics, I have NO sympathy for all the hateful ANGST over this repression/obsession of human sexuality and its variations. Hypocrites care about the zygote and fetus, but not the child born into poverty, hunger, sickness, prejudice. Cut off their food stamps, says Mr. Santorum! Google that and eww! Many RC's (not all) talk love and show hate. Do some worthwhile good in the world instead and show some true grace.
Have a peaceful holiday then.
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+2 # T J Huerena 2011-12-08 12:26
Quoting Curieux:
Y'all know what? As a physician I don't discriminate...
Have a peaceful holiday then.

Apparently your "non-discrimination" policy would have the brave TFP Student Action warriors eliminated if you could.

True peace comes from virtue, NOT VICE. The Virgin Mother of God was PURE. IMMACULATE to be sure. May the TRUE peace of CHRISTMAS come to your soul and to those who practice and support unnatural vice.
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+6 # Monica 2011-12-08 16:06
To Curieux:
Why is it that whenever a Catholic confronts sin in the world, it's labeled 'intolerance' and 'bigotry' by those who disagree? Christ was very clear about how we should confront evil, and the Church continues to admonish us to love the sinner but hate the sin.
Second, you defame Sen. Santorum and Congresswoman Bachmann as being 'crazy,' and accuse Catholics of 'hateful angst' and being hypocrites, yet you say you don't discriminate. If indeed you are a physician, you should exercise more compassion and self-control toward others. It seems to me that you are the intolerant one here.
Third, the Church calls for the protection and support of ALL human life, whether it be the unborn, the poor single mom, the elderly in nursing homes, or the gender-confused youth. Familiarize yourself with the tremendous work being done at the grassroots level by many of us before you throw stones.
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+2 # michael sheehan 2011-12-09 13:58
Read about Sodom and Gomora in The Bible.
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+6 # Eddie 2011-12-09 19:32
When I first saw this story about promoting homosexual agenda on Catholic universities, I checked to see if the catholic university I attended was on the list, and not much to my surprise it was. If gay right groups want to promote their agenda at state or other public colleges, then by all means, let them but a Catholic college should not be a place for that. I wish this site was available when I was attending college.
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-3 # Bruce 2011-12-12 16:56
Every Catholic college/university should have the prerogative in determining which clubs are appropriate. If however, that college/university accepts state or federal funds then that prerogative is waived.
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+1 # Joannie 2011-12-12 17:27
This problem is due mainly in this country due to the 1967 "Land O Lakes" statement from Notre Dame that same year (1967) that put ND and eventually other Catholic Campus's under lay trustees, and this was done in the name of "academic freedom" So to me the only way to fix this problem that has gone on is for the Deans repudiate as a group "Land O Lakes" statement as well as the "Winnepeg Statement. That would help a lot to stop Dissent in Parishes and Schools I would hope. Otherwise nothing will change as far as these kinds of things since Vatican II have been swamping the Catholic Church and Identity. I certainly hope so.
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+1 # Kevin 2011-12-13 14:53
I support anything that is in Christ.

God Bless
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+1 # felix r. espinoza 2011-12-13 15:39
please save our catholic colleges.please ban pro-homosexual clubs from promoting anti-catholic behavior on catholic campuses.
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+2 # Tess 2011-12-13 15:54
We need to take action. Remember, "all that is needed for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." Check your state on the website and its listed corresponding universities. Send a letter to each president with a copy to your bishop. Demand that these clubs be disbanded and their members educated as to what the Church really teaches, offering help if needed. We can not sit by and complain. At the end of your days on earth you will be asked "What did you do to keep My faith." Start writing!
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+1 # Sobin Mathew 2011-12-14 10:46
Be with God and Nature... pray for all those people... My Jesus come to their hearts and heal them With prayers.
Your Br. Sobichen Mathew
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+2 # charles w shea 2011-12-14 18:20
spend time in adoration and you'll see this problem will go away. God Bless , Charlie
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+4 # Emmanuel B. 2011-12-15 02:26
It is hard to believe that "Catholic" institutions whose missions is to serve the Faith by educating the future generations are betraying their original mission and duty before God and society. Satan has really subverted the Church from the inside! The Message of Fatima prophesies and warnings are unfolding before our eyes. Lets pray for the conversion of sinners, or we will all suffer the consequences of offending God with impurity.
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+2 # Cynthia Chong 2011-12-16 22:52
I support your cause whole-heartedly.
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+2 # Angie 2011-12-19 12:46
Saint Augustine is categorical in the combat against sodomy and similar vices. The great Bishop of Hippo wrote: “Sins against nature, therefore, like the sin of Sodom, are abominable and deserve punishment whenever and wherever they are committed. If all nations committed them, all alike would be held guilty of the same charge in God’s law, for our Maker did not prescribe that we should use each other in this way. In fact, the relationship that we ought to have with God is itself violated when our nature, of which He is Author, is desecrated by perverted lust.” (...)
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+1 # Emil 2011-12-25 12:35
To Curieux:
a question for you-physician. Are you recommending, and deeming normal “sexual variation” of one man having sex with another, with all the physiological activities that it may involve? Before you say “Yes” just think of how abnormal it is, of how our bodies were not designed and created for such physical acts. I suppose that you learnt in medical school the proper function of various parts of the body. JUST THINK!!! I am not expecting you to have some higher understanding of reality just use your logic, that must tell you that some things are normal and some are abnormal; a proper function of a pet is to make human life more joyful, if somebody came to you as a doctor and told you “doc you know what I have this great urge to have sex with my parrot” I guess you would advise such patient that it is perfectly normal ““sexual variation.” When a patient comes to you, do you always prescribe him what he wants/feels. Are you really a physician?how did you come to this world?
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0 # Emil 2011-12-25 12:38
To Curieux:

I have a friend who got pregnant and was under pressure from many people to undergo an abortion and the arguments were exactly the same you mentioned: the child will be born into poverty, hunger, sickness, and prejudice. I want you to explain to the mother and now 4 year old pretty little girl that in order to avoid the pains of the life (as it always comes with them) it would’ve been better if you were eliminated when you were a fetus. I want you to look into their eyes as the girl sits on her mom’s lap and say it, doctor. And you are talking about showing love vs. showing hatred???
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0 # Emil 2011-12-25 12:42
To Curieux:

In terms of food stamps…it is basically the same story as with two of the above mentioned subjects, you think too shallow, there is much more to reality than you think there is. Has it ever occurred to you that food stumps may be given to people who do not really deserve them, but they just take advantage of the system, abuse the system, and are the reason among other factors, that other, honorable, hardworking people who actually struggle do so, because of vicious activities of others? And getting a food stump that someone needs to pay for, just because it is there to get is a vicious act.
At the end, all of this is just common sense…that unfortunately is being washed away from people’s minds by the corrupted mainstream agenda that is nothing but the evil one’s servant.
Merry Christmas then….as you wouldn’t have your “Holiday” if this wasn’t for Christ…
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-1 # Mary Lewandowski 2012-02-11 21:31
Keep up your good deeds
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0 # Sandy Johnson 2012-03-19 09:34
We definitely need to take action. Satan is working overtime & he knows his time is short. God is not going to let this continue much longer. We need to continue praying & fighting for what is God's way.
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0 # Josh Bathon 2012-05-01 15:45
I'm a bit confused. I'm a Notre Dame student, and I've been pretty excited every year when the University continues to refuse to recognize the petition for an LGBQT club. The Church instructs that Catholic universities cannot recognize such clubs. Because of this, there is constant complaint from the students, but despite complaint, Notre Dame has not given in. The council is not recognized by the University, and Notre Dame has repeatedly said that they will not recognize any such club. Why then, is Notre Dame to be blamed for the actions of independent groups on campus, completely unaffiliated with the University?
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+1 # Joseph C. Eichel, MD 2012-05-01 20:40
[quote name="Curieux"]Y'all know what? As a physician I don't discriminate among creations children,"
I am also a physician. According to the latest version of Cecil text of Medicine, 1 in 10,000 are born with gender identity problems. A campus does not need a club for every cause for 1:10,000 people.
What kind of physician neglects the 60X increased AIDs rate in MSM? Do you forget the increased liver cancer, the incurable AIDs, the hepatitis B, the hepatitis C, the blastomycosis that eats faces? What kind of physician are you?
Or do you not care because it all makes money for you? Your cheeky answer reeks of political arrogance rather than love of your craft.
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+1 # Karen J. McPike 2012-05-07 19:00
Why or Why must homosexuals feel and think they have to BASH the heterosexuals??? You believe that your "RIGHTS" are superior to ours. In the days when it was NOT a good idea to "come out of the closet", there were many, many people that kept that lifestyle to themselves and private and/or went to clubs, etc that catered to them. Now you want to infiltrate and "take-over" anywhere YOU wish and usually act as obnoxious as you can & the hell with anyone else's feelings/likes/dislikes. As others have stated, Jesus loved everyone. He does NOT love the SIN, but hopes that "we" will PRAY for those who prefer the alternate lifestyle and that they will turn away from the sin. God bless you all. More of us need to pray!
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