SCANDAL: Catholic Siena College Invites Radical Pro-Abortion Speaker

By John Ritchie   
November 09, 2011
Siena College New York
Siena College

Update on 11-11-11:  Today, Siena College has informed us that pro-abortion speaker Widney Brown will no longer be giving her presentation. Therefore, this protest was paused.  A big "thank you" goes out to everyone who voiced their concern.  You made the difference. God bless you!

Why would any Catholic college welcome a radical pro-abortionist?


This scandal needs your immediate attention.  Siena College, a Catholic institution in upstate New York, has invited Widney Brown of Amnesty International to address students on November 14.  Brown has publicly promoted worldwide access to abortion and attacked the Catholic Church for its moral position against abortion and contraception.

In a 2010 article published by The Nation, Brown says:

“The Catholic Church… [is] not good on women’s rights. They are horrible on gay rights. And frankly, if you look at what they say about HIV and condoms, they have blood on their hands.”

The Globalization Studies Program at Siena College is welcoming Widney Brown, Senior Director of International Law and Policy at Amnesty International to speak about “The Prognosis for Human Rights in a Politically Changed World.”

One cannot both support abortion and profess to be truly Catholic. Therefore, the right course of action is clear.  To protect its Catholic identity, Siena College should rescind the invitation and uphold its Mission Statement:  “As a Catholic college, Siena seeks to advance not only the intellectual growth of its students, but their spiritual, religious and ethical formation as well.”

Amnesty International’s pro-abortion policy drew criticism from the Vatican.  In an interview with the National Catholic Register, Cardinal Renato Martino stated:  “Individuals and Catholic organizations must withdraw their support, because, in deciding to promote abortion rights, Amnesty International has betrayed its mission.”

Register your polite and respectful protest NOW.

Contact information:  Call, email or fax your protest to Fr. Mullen. 

Fr. Kevin Mullen, O.F.M.
President, Siena College
515 Loudon Road
Loudonville, New York 12211-1462
Office: 518-783-2302
Fax: 518-783-4184
Email: [email protected]



+1 # Br. Francis 2011-11-12 19:35
Dont do it! Have some backbone!!!!!
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+1 # Ramon Rodriguez 2011-11-12 23:45
We need to go back to being true CATHOLICS and not by name only
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+1 # Wanda 2011-11-14 09:51
Abortion is a crime. Hell is a real place made for those who do not obey God's rules. Why people want to go to hell ? I wish somebody gave me an answer.
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0 # Rachel DiVenere 2011-11-14 11:10
Dear John,
Perhaps her being exposed to the college will help her. She may have destructive views and say offensive things, but the point of christianity is to be INclusive, not exclusive. To shut her out of that school might equal shutting her out of finding truth, and receiving grace. Also to shut her out is a defensive move, which equals guilt, and the christian views you describe are nothing to apologize for. Why are we so afraid of her and what her presence will do? If she is wrong then that will become apparent in time, but not if the chance to see things differently is hidden from her. I say welcome her with open arms, maintain your attitude and beliefs, show love, and see what happens.
Thank you,
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+1 # Angela 2011-11-15 16:38
Catholics are not afraid of pro aborition people or pro homosexual or any one else that is allegdely "politically correct". In a Catholic learning instuition, the greater good of teaching truth to multitudes as opposed to one person spewing untruth to those impressionable young adults outweighs a conversion moment for one person. If God wants Widney Brown to be converted He will make it happen. Don't underestimate the Power of God.
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