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I Stand With the Boy Scouts

Save the Boy Scouts from the homosexual agenda 
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May 22, 2013 -- The anti-family movement is pressuring the Boy Scouts of America to surrender its morally sound membership policy which bars open homosexuals from holding leadership positions.

The California legislature is even pursuing a bill that would cut the Boy Scouts' tax exempt status because of their moral standards.  Now is our LAST CHANCE to make a difference as Scout leaders vote on a final policy -- to surrender or stand strong.

Let your voice be heard.  Sign the petition.  Join millions of Americans who respect moral values, Natural Law and the Ten Commandments.

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To the Boy Scouts of America
Mr. Wayne Brock, Chief Executive

Please resist the encroachments of the pro-homosexual lobby. Hold fast to the virtues expressed in the Scout Oath: Honor, duty to God, and moral uprightness. Don't change your policy.

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