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Politically Incorrect

  • Prolife babyAbortion

    If abortion continues destroying the family, America will eventually disintegrate as a nation. Learn how to oppose abortion.
  • common-core-exam-hallCommon Core

    Common Core is the gravest threat to education in American history, the most recent act of a long line of government intervention in American education.
  • Traditional Marriage Caravan BannerHomosexuality

    Have you ever been stumped by a pro-homosexual advocate? Get powerful answers and win your next debate.

  • Charles DarwinEvolution

    Darwininian evolution is a liberal dogma. However, many scientists no longer believe it. Discover why.
  • Embryonic Stem-Cell ResearchEmbryonic Stem-Cell Research

    Every human life starts as an embryo. To harvest a young member of the human species is always immoral. Learn why.
  • Boy holding sign against blasphemyAnti-Blasphemy

    Free speech does not include the right to publicly defame, mock, and attack Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.
  • M-1 Abrams tankJust War

    Based on natural law and Catholic philosophy, what are the conditions that make defensive and offensive war legitimate?
  • Karl-MarxSocialism

    Has socialism and communism really died? What are the errors of socialism and how do they affect America?

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