Best Pro-Life Letters to the Editor

By William Russell   

Join this effective letter-writing campaign to stop abortion.

Ready-to-go, these pro-life letters to the editor make it easy and simple to defend innocent life.  After you pick your letter, find your local newspaper online.  Then submit your letter in the appropriate "opinion / letters to the editor" section.

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Life Begins at the Beginning

By Dr. Fritz Baumgartner, MD   
Baby boyScientific facts on when life begins

We can approach abortion from many perspectives: Biological, embryological, genetic, philosophical, social and economic, at the very least. As for the first three – my approach as a scientist, physician, surgeon, and simply someone who finished medical school, is factual.
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10 Reasons Why Abortion is Evil & Not a "Pro-Choice"

By TFP Student Action   

{jcomments off}Pro-life baby

Pro-family Americans must vigorously oppose abortion. The future of society depends on the strength of the family. If abortion continues destroying it and morality is not boldly defended, America will eventually disintegrate as a nation.

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Why Does Our Lady Cry?

By The American TFP   

Miraculous statue of Our Lady of FatimaRead the TFP statement distributed at the gates of the University of Notre Dame on graduation day, May 17.  Unfortunately, the list of scandals caused by Catholic persons and institutions is long. This is especially true in Catholic academia where numerous colleges and universities honor pro-abortion politicians.


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Debunking Abortion and the False Argument of Viability

By TFP Student Action   

With the notorious Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, the Supreme Court departed from reality to embrace legal fiction, denying that human life begins at the moment of conception.

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No Happy Ending for Abortion

By John Horvat   

Although sympathy for abortion runs deep in Hollywood circles, movie producers refuse even to raise the issue in their films, citing the stigma of abortion created by the pro-life movement.

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Proudly Rejecting Abortion in the Public Square

By John Horvat   
As pro-lifers from across America gather for this year’s 35th Annual March for Life, we are proud to be part of a visible force in the public debate that has surrounded the abortion issue. Add a comment Read more... [Proudly Rejecting Abortion in the Public Square]

Abortion And Moral Relativism: The Right to Life, A Mere Social Concession?

By TFP Student Action   
The universal consensus on the inviolability of innocent human life is one of the most profound characteristics of man's moral and juridical conscience.
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Is the Church Against Both Abortion and the Death Penalty?

By Luis Sergio Solimeo   

It is not a rare thing for Catholic prelates to assert definitively that the Church opposes capital punishment. Some even liken the death of a defenseless aborted baby to that of a criminal duly judged by a competent court and condemned for a grave violation of the moral or juridical order.

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