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Saint Maxmilian Kolbe: The Immaculata's Perfect Knight

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By Michael Gorre   

Saint Maximilian KolbeHaving selected ten prisoners to die in the starvation bunker to serve as a lesson for an escaped prisoner, Nazi SS Captain Karl Fritsch was about to leave Auschwitz concentration camp when the unimaginable happened. Prisoner 16670 stepped out. A murmur swept through the prisoners.  Read on...

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Video: Impressive Swiss Guard Ceremony

By John Ritchie   
Swiss GuardWatch the video now

“Courage and Loyalty”
is the motto of the oldest standing army in the world, the Swiss Guard.  Their swearing-in ceremony captured in this video is simply sublime, a fine example of the Church militant. Add a comment Read more... [Video: Impressive Swiss Guard Ceremony]

St. Joan of Arc: The Virgin Who Saved France

By TFP Student Action   

St. Joan of ArcHow a saintly girl did more to restore chivalry than kings, nobles and knights

A commonly voiced prophecy held that France would be lost by a woman but saved by a virgin from Lorraine. The woman was France's queen, Isabelle of Bavaria. The virgin savior, the voices affirmed, was Joan, whom France's true sovereign, Christ the King, would arm with His strength.

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Saint Peter Armengol: Hero of Confidence

By TFP Student Action   

Saint Peter Armengol: Hero of ConfidenceHe never lost hope, even when everything seemed lost.

Saint Peter Armengol is a model of confidence. His life inspires everyone who, amid the crisis of the modern world, needs special graces from Our Lady to remain completely faithful.

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Fr. Emil Kapaun: The Good Thief

By Lawrence P. Grayson   
Fr. Emil KapaunOn Easter morning, March 25, 1951, the Catholic priest mounted the steps of a partially destroyed church, and turned to face his congregation, some 60 men – gaunt, foul-smelling, in tattered clothing.  Fr. Emil Kapaun raised a small, homemade, wooden cross to begin a prayer service, led the men in the Rosary, heard the confessions of the Catholics, and performed a Baptism.  Then, he wept because there was no bread or wine to consecrate so that the men could receive the Eucharist.   Add a comment Read more... [Fr. Emil Kapaun: The Good Thief]
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