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Restoring Our Culture

What’s Wrong with Video Games?

By James Donlon   
April 08, 2015
Concern: 34 million Americans spend 22 hours per week playing video games.
What's the solution to this cultural problem?

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Two Cups, Two Cultures

By James Donlon   
March 07, 2014

Which of the two reflects a more inspiring and elevated culture?

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How video games kill the soul & body

By TFP Student Action   

Video GamesWhere is society going?  The founder of Online Gamers Anonymous, Elizabeth Woolley, reveals how video games cause addiction, unhappiness and even lead to suicide.  Her own son tragically took his life over a game called Everquest.

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Dazzling Videos: The Best of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

By John Ritchie   
June 19, 2012

Queen Elizabeth IIQueen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee wowed 1.3 million admirers who, despite the rain, took to the streets of London.  All they wanted was a glimpse of their monarch and to acknowledge the Queen’s sixty years of service.

Watch these magnificent videos

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About the Tremendous Power of Music

By TFP Student Action   
June 24, 2012
Philip CalderMusician and composer Philip B. Calder will help you discern between good music and what might be called noise for the soul.

Discover why good music is a reflection of the order God created.

Get the interview and hear the podcast
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Pueri Concinite: A Sublime Christmas Carol

By TFP Student Action   
December 24, 2014

Watch the video recording here

This marvelous Christmas carol captures something of the Medieval spirit, the true meaning of the this holy season centered on the comming of the Infant Jesus through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Tell us what you think.

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