Why the Left Hates Inequality & God

By TFP Student Action   
Why is equality so trendy?  On most college campuses you hear about "marriage" equality, income equality, gender equality, and social equality.   What does all this egalitarianism really mean? Add a comment Read more... [Why the Left Hates Inequality & God]

10 Reasons to Reject Socialism

By TFP Student Action   

Karl MarxWhy we must protect the family, private property and America from the dangers of socialism.

1. Socialism and communism are the same ideology

Communism is but an extreme form of socialism. From the ideological standpoint, there is no substantial difference between the two.

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What the Popes Really Say About Socialism

By Gustavo Solimeo   

"Hideous", "destructive", "wicked", and "perverted" are only some of the adjectives used by the Popes to describe socialism.  From Pius IX to Benedict XVI, the popes have thoroughly and consistently condemned socialism.  Given the advance of socialism in America, TFP Student Action is glad to offer its readers a brief selection of thought-provoking quotes from the Popes on the topic.

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12 Hard-Hitting Facts about Socialist Ideology

By Gustavo Solimeo   

The socialist ideology can be summarized in twelve main points.

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What is Socialism?

By Gustavo Solimeo   

Socialism is more than an economic system. It is a doctrinal system that proposes a major change in lifestyle and social structures.

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7 Ways Socialism Harms America

By Gustavo Solimeo   
1. In schools students are taught that evolution is scientific dogma, while the invocation of God is forbidden in classrooms.

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Socialism in Pajamas

By Gustavo Solimeo   
"A specter is haunting Europe -- the specter of communism." This is the famous opening line of the Manifesto of the Communist Party written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels in 1848.  This sentence could be paraphrased today: "A specter is haunting America -- the specter of socialism." Add a comment Read more... [Socialism in Pajamas]

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