Video the Liberal Media Won't Show: Amazing Rejection of Socialist Obamacare

By Gabriel Jordan   
December 05, 2013

A recent round of TFP Student Action campaigns in Maryland and Pennsylvania demonstrate how unsettled Americans are with Obamacare.  With a banner reading, “God's Law Comes First, Repeal Socialist Obamacare!” and signs urging people to "honk against Obamacare" from their cars, TFP volunteers are surprised by the response they received.

Share this video with your friends.  You know the liberal media will ignore it, right?

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Honks in favor of the campaign erupt from every side of the intersection. People become enthusiastic and encouraged to see that they are not alone, as the liberal media would have them think.  The volume of honks caught on camera illustrate that Americans don't want socialized medicine.

May we all have the protection from Heaven to stand strong against the storm of socialist "reform" known as the "affordable health care act" which not only imposes pro-abortion measures, but also leads to economic misery and the unraveling of the principle of subsidiarity.

Pray that God protect America and inspire more souls to oppose socialism.

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