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Become a Guardian of Truth: It's the BEST way to help TFP Student Action

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By John Ritchie   
July 20, 2014

Traditional marriage campaign in HarrisburgJoin the Guardians of Truth, our special circle of front line supporters

I regret to inform you:

That in a few short years, a small minority of anti-family activists have achieved what most people thought to be impossible...


Veteran Affairs Worker Forced to Look at LGBT Poster Display

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By John Ritchie   
June 26, 2014

Here is another reason to pray and fight for moral values in America.


Beyond Shameful: Immoral Drag Shows Spread to 5 Catholic Universities

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By John Ritchie   
June 25, 2014

Destruction of the family At least five Catholic universities have been hosting pro-homosexual drag shows on campus.  That number may sharply increase given the aggressive demands of the homosexual revolution. 


Valedictorian Calls Peers to Be Catholic Heroes to Fix Warped Culture

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By TFP Student Action   
June 06, 2014

Unlike so many high school graduates who search for mere mediocre pleasure or personal gain, the St. Louis de Montfort Academy graduates of 2014 are charting a different path of great promise for America's future.


Black Mass Stopped: How God Won at Harvard

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By John Ritchie   
May 19, 2014

Lucifer lost.  God won.  What few people thought even remotely possible happened:  The "satanic black mass" at Harvard University was unexpectedly canceled on May 12.  A grave sacrilege was averted. 


Satanic Black Mass Canceled at Harvard After Catholics Pray and Protest

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By John Ritchie   
May 13, 2014

mvg 1416 smallVictory! Satanic Black Mass canceled at last hour

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