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Shocker: Catholic College Approves "Educational" Drag Show Despite Peaceful Protest

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By TFP Student Action   
March 08, 2014

In four days, over 7,025 students and parents have signed a respectful petition, urging the Jesuit-run Le Moyne College in upstate New York not to host its second annual "drag show" scheduled on March 10.


Imperial Prince Sends Letter to Pope After Socialist Subversives Get Vatican Welcome

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By John Ritchie   
February 18, 2014

Prince Bertrand of Orleans-Braganza believes Catholics will be disconcerted to know that Pope Francis recorded a video message for radical socialist members of Via Campesina in which he exhorts them to "carry on."


Video: Unexpected Christmas Concert Surprises Mall Shoppers

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By Joseph Jordan   
December 23, 2013

Christ ChildHundreds of shoppers rushing about the mall for last-minute deals slowed down, then stopped completely.  Listen, listen:  A surprise Christmas concert by TFP Student Action volunteers and students of Saint Louis de Montfort Academy captured their undivided attention.


What's Behind the Zombie Craze? How "Progressive" Culture Flirts with Cannibalism

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By Alejandro Ezcurra   
November 27, 2013

Suddenly, as if obeying a watchword, groups of people appear in major cities of the world parading as walking cadavers, and the mass media is ready to broadcast the unprecedented, large-scale promotion of the horrendous.  What does this mean?


I Saw the Smoke of Satan at Georgetown University on “Coming Out Day”

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By James Donlon   
November 08, 2013

Georgetown UniversityOn October 11, I went to Georgetown University with two of my colleagues for a class project. Our mission: interview students about the annual “Coming-Out Day” on campus, which is part of a month-long pro-homosexual celebration known as “OUTober.”


Values Voter Summit Gathers True Conservatives

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By James Donlon   
October 17, 2013

It was encouraging to see thousands of Americans united to defend moral values and oppose the socialization of our culture.  As this event attested, there is a ponderable counter-revolutionary reaction in the United States.

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