Video: Unexpected Christmas Concert Surprises Mall Shoppers

By Joseph Jordan   
December 23, 2013

Hundreds of shoppers rushing about the mall for last-minute deals slowed down, then stopped completely.  Listen, listen:  A surprise Christmas concert by TFP Student Action volunteers and students of Saint Louis de Montfort Academy captured their undivided attention.

Eyes lit up, children smiled, and some shoppers even joined the singing.  The general atmosphere became more calm and at the end of the last song, “Christmas Finale,” shoppers cheered and applauded.  "Thank you so much.  That was a real treat," remarked one lady.  Many others echoed her sentiments at the Park City Center Mall in Lancaster, Penn. 

Christmas cheer was flowing freely among perfect strangers who, until that moment, had nothing in common.  Yet the spirit of Christmas and its profound significance soon united people from all walks of life.  The sublime mystery of the Incarnation brings Heaven closer to earth and the grace of the First Christmas is still alive in the hearts of men of good will, despite secularism's persistent war against it.

Before going to the mall, Academy students brought Christmas joy to a nearby old folks home where they also sang and cheered the elderly who often spend Christmas alone, sometimes  without anyone to visit them.

At the end of the Christmas concert that day, December 15, when the clapping subsided, Academy students and TFP volunteers bellowed, "Merry Christmas!"

To you and your family, again, we say: "Merry Christmas!"

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