Front Line Report: Defending God's Marriage in Illinois (amazing video)

By Joseph Jordan   
November 01, 2013

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Day 1: October 23

As the battle for the future of true marriage heats up in Illinois, TFP volunteers campaigned to protect it from redefinition.  At our first location in Chicago -- Monroe and Michigan Avenues -- we were greeted with honks, cheers, words of encouragement from one side and jeers, obscenities, and insults from the other, as well as an unexpected shout of defiance praising the first revolutionary: Satan.  A man walking down the street began screaming, “Hail Satan! Hail Satan” while making the devil sign with his hands.  People on the sidewalk, hearing this outrage, asked, “what's his problem?”


At first, the going was slow, maybe because of the cold, biting breeze of the Windy City. But soon things picked up.

A confused young man riding a bicycle came up. "The definition of marriage depends on each person's own definition," he insisted.  At the end of the debate, he called his interlocutor a "closed-minded retard.” Another pro-homosexual advocate gave each of us the middle finger and grumbled obscenities and insults as he walked by.

Yet another came by and told us of the imagined “inevitability” of same-sex “marriage” in the state of Illinois. A TFP volunteer remonstrated: “they said that last time too and it was defeated.  It is not inevitable.”  With nothing better to say, the man simply responded, “Jesus is love!”
“Of course He is,” came the answer, “He loved the sinner and hated the sin!”  The man had no rebuttal and walked away.

For the most part, the support for traditional marriage on the street is completely overwhelming compared to the negative feedback and insults. People taking the TFP flier would say, “keep up the good work,” and “we need more young people like you!”  Here's a link to our flier: 10 Reasons Why Same-Sex "Marriage" Is Harmful.

However, the most disconcerting arguments that we faced today were from those who oppose same-sex “marriage” but have been swayed by the twisted logic that “people can do whatever they want as long as they do not take away anyone else's rights.”  This libertarian mentality is probably the most dangerous because it lulls the soft center of public opinion to sleep.

8 to 1 Show Support on Overpass

The second, and last, campaign of the day was spent on a pedestrian walkway crossing over highway 94 where we displayed honk signs and banners to reach the rush hour traffic leaving Chicago. We measured the good reactions -- honks and waves -- and compared them to the negative reactions, vulgar gestures and such. The total was an average of 8 to 1.

The honks were ringing like a symphony clamoring for the truth to be told about marriage, that it is a union only between one man and one woman, unchanging and unchangeable.  Even the commuter train conductors passing under the bridge would toot their high pitched horns.  It was great.

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Defending Marriage in Downtown Chicago

Day 2:  October 24 was spent campaigning in downtown Chicago, where many people came up and gave the TFP members nods of approval and words of encouragement. "It takes guts to do what you are doing," several remarked.

A married couple stopped to chat with Charles Sulzen in front of the Thompson Center when a man walked by saying: “God made gays!” The lady answered him without hesitation: "No, He didn't.  The devil made homosexuals by tempting them and leading them into a life of sin.”

Today we were informed that thousands of traditional marriage supporters flooded the State Capitol building in Springfield, Illinois, yesterday for the Defend Marriage Lobby Day organized by Illinois Family Institute.  A passerby who attended the event explained that there were so many people in attendance that the capitol building had to be literally closed down before new visitors were allowed to enter. 

Mixed reactions continue.  A man came by and ripped up our flier.  Later he returned for a more reasonable debate, concluding that he would "agree to disagree."  Another man claimed that the Bible never talks about marriage as the union between one man and one woman as stated on the TFP banner.

During our afternoon campaign at Union Station, a woman attempted to knock down our banner by yanking on one of the three polls.  She failed and resorted to cursing and walked away.  Within a few minutes, however, she returned.  This time, she made a beeline for a camera man who was filming the campaign.  In a violent fit of rage, she grabbed the video camera with both hands and struggled to destroy it.  At the end of the tussle, the microphone connected to the top of the camera was damaged beyond repair.  This becomes evident in the video footage when the audio portion of the recording gets fuzzy.  She immediately shoved another TFP volunteer who was standing nearby, grabbed a TFP flier and ripped it up. 

Here's a press release on the incident.

Witnessing such a display of "tolerance," pedestrians paused in amazement and many, who had thus far showed no interest, now vocalized their unequivocal support for traditional marriage. 

Campaign in Naperville and Rockford
Day 3:  October 25

The first campaign of the day was held at a busy intersection on Ogden Avenue in Naperville, Illinois. At this location, almost the totality of semi truck drivers honked their loud horns in favor of traditional marriage.  At close range, the blasts of those horns left a temporary hum in our ears.  All those common-sense American truckers understand the importance of defending marriage between one man and one woman. 

A pro-homosexual man stopped to argue in favor of same-sex "marriage."  He insisted that "physical pain" is the only boundary that should regulate human behavior.
TFP member:  "So you must be against abortion then. Not only does it hurt the unborn child but causes death."
Pro-homosexual man: "No.  The child doesn't feel any pain."
TFP member:  "Recent scientific studies prove that unborn children feel pain, especially when the abortion doctor dismembers them piece by piece.  So, would you tell an abortion doctor to stop killing unborn children?"
Pro-homosexual man: "No.  Because it all depends.  Abortion is a tricky subject." 
TFP member:  "That's relativism.  Circumstances don't determine humanity."

In the afternoon we traveled north to Rockford for another campaign at the intersection of State and Alpine, a central traffic artery in the city. Kevin Rilott, a local pro-life leader, and other dedicated pro-family supporters joined us with additional signs.  Their presence boosted our numbers and visibility.  The public reaction was excellent with countless honks and expressions of joy.

For example, five children with their grandmother stopped to greet us.  The children skipped from place to place, greeting each TFP volunteer.  One of the boys said, “I'm going to do a backflip for God's marriage.”  Running off at top speed he performed a series of cartwheels and backflips.  Then his younger brother, about 8, joined him and both competed to outdo each other with their stunts. 

Same-sex “marriage” advocates expressed themselves with insults. Most common among them is the middle finger gesture.  A man with long hair stopped his car in the middle of traffic, got out and yelling for the duration of the traffic light.  A lone counter-protestor showed up with a sign: “Love is love.  This is hate” referring to our traditional marriage campaign.  One of the pro-life leaders, a kind grandfatherly figure, demonstrated how truly charitable our cause is and after a brief five-minute exchange, the pro-homosexual woman was somewhat speechless and decided to leave with her sign tucked under her arm.

Oakbrook Mall and Des Plaines
Day 4: October 26

Similar to yesterday, support for true marriage continues strong and steady. Near the Oakbrook Mall, a group of women pulled up and began screaming from their vehicle, “nobody will honk for you!”  Just then a big Mack truck blew its loud horn behind them, leaving them speechless. Other cars honked too.

A black lady drove up and asked a TFP volunteer where she might find help and therapy for her son who suffers from homosexual tendencies.  She took a flier, saying “you must be conservative; I'm a democrat.”

The first campaign was cut a bit short because mall authorities wanted us to relocate to the other side of the intersection.  As the police and four security vehicles with flashing lights arrived, the oddity of the situation did not go unnoticed.  A woman at the intersection, observing the hassle, stopped her vehicle and said to us in a clear loud voice for the police to hear: “If you had been for homosexual 'marriage', I bet they wouldn't shut you down.  Keep up the good work!”

Nothing on this tour matched the level of support we received in Des Plaines  – honks, applause, thumbs up, waving, everything. 

At the end of the day, a elderly woman made several passes around the intersection yelling insults. As she came around the last time, she said: “I hope you are not Catholic because you know what the pope says about homosexual 'marriage'!” A TFP volunteer responded: “the Catechism says homosexual sin is intrinsically disordered.” Stumped, she became visibly upset, adding: “Am I going to hell because I believe people should be happy?”

Lake Shore Drive and Romeoville
Day 5: October 27

Sunday was a slow day so we decided to take a photo with our marriage signs and banners on the shores of Lake Michigan.  As soon as the signs went up for the photo op, proclaiming that God's marriage = 1 man and one woman, the people strolling on that otherwise calm Sunday morning split into two distinct camps -- those who liked our message and those who didn't.  One jogger who fell among the later camp brazenly approached and spat at our volunteers multiple times.  As witnessed on other occasions, logic and civility among those who support same-sex "marriage" is drastically wanting.

This tour for marriage, dedicated to Saint Joseph, accomplished:

Days on the road: 7
Miles traveled: 2,200
Campaigns held: 11
Cities visited: 6
Fliers distributed: Thousands

The experience of this campaign has demonstrated two things:

1.  The camp pushing to legalize same-sex "marriage" and to destroy the family as God designed it largely exaggerates its ability to persuade America.  The homosexual revolution advances by hiding its real goals.  To a large extent, its success -- inflated by the liberal media -- is forced and artificial.

2.  Countless Americans support traditional marriage.  They honk with great enthusiasm when they see the TFP campaigns.  They refuse to accept the falsehood of counterfeit marriage.  And they are willing to fight to preserve and protect the sanctity of natural marriage.  These Americans prove that same-sex "marriage" is not inevitable.