TFP Student Action: 2009 in Retrospect

By TFP Student Action   
December 29, 2009
March for Life

TFP at the March for Life, WDC.
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Due to the ever increasing threats against moral values, TFP volunteers often find themselves on the front lines of the Culture War, in the thickest part of the fray – right where they want to be.

Addressing critical issues on college campuses such as abortion, same-sex “marriage,” socialist healthcare reform, and the Notre Dame scandal has kept TFP Student Action extremely busy in 2009. 

We offer our readers this brief summary of our 2009 activities and campaigns, trusting that God will inspire more souls to join the spiritual crusade in 2010.

March for Life & Student Conference

January: The TFP was again honored to participate in the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C. Joining thousands of enthusiastic pro-lifers, the TFP marched against abortion. Not only was the march significant because it followed the inauguration of our pro-abortion president, but it was blessed by the presence of the miraculous International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.  The TFP was proud to escort her, its members wearing their ceremonial habits.

Over the same weekend, college students gathered at the TFP headquarters for a lively program of lectures.

Students Question Darwin

February: In response to the National Darwin Week, TFP Student Action challenged students to question Darwin’s flawed Theory of Evolution.  As you can imagine, distributing fliers on campus gave rise to many heated debates and discussions.

No More "Queer Film Festivals" at Notre Dame

February: In 2004, pro-homosexual activists started a yearly "Queer Film Festival" at the University of Notre Dame. The TFP organized multiple protests with good results.  According to an article published in The Observer on February 16, 2009, "not only will there be no gay film festival this year [at the University of Notre Dame], it's probably kaput for good."

Anti-Catholic Bill Stalls As Faithful React

March: Chanting “Leave the Church alone!" 4,200 faithful Catholics gathered outside the State Capitol Building in Hartford, Connecticut, to oppose Senate Bill 1098. The proposed bill directly attacked the hierarchical nature of the Catholic Church and attempted to usurp the rightful authority of bishops and pastors in Connecticut. TFP Student Action members joined the rally in defense of the Church.

Tour for God’s Marriage & Bible Desecration Incident

April: TFP Student Action members toured New Hampshire and Maine rallying support for traditional marriage. As they peacefully distributed literature near the statehouse in Concord, NH a same-sex “marriage” advocate tore up a Bible and shouted obscene anti-Catholic slurs at them.

Protesting Blasphemy

May: TFP Student Action reinforced an America Needs Fatima campaign to counter blasphemy. Following protests in New York City, Cincinnati, and Washington D.C., TFP volunteers went to Boston to protest the performance of Jerry Springer: The Opera, a play which portrays Christ as a homosexual.

At the Gates of Notre Dame

May: TFP Student Action members traveled to the University of Notre Dame to oppose the university’s scandalous decision to honor our pro-abortion president.  More recently, TFP Student Action collected close to 20,000 petitions asking Fr. John Jenkins to drop the charges against a group of 88 pro-lifers who entered Notre Dame’s campus and now face up to one year in jail.

Campaign for Traditional Marriage

July: During the summer, three motivated teams of young TFP volunteers toured the states of New York, Maine, and Rhode Island, where they held signs and distributed thousands of fliers explaining why homosexual "marriage" is harmful to society and must be opposed.  During a stop in Warwick, Rhode Island, TFP members were physically assaulted by pro-homosexual activists.  Aside from this case of pro-homosexual aggression, the tours met with stunning support.

International Student Conference

July: Members of the American TFP participated in the International TFP University Student Conference, Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Revolution and Counter-revolution, held at the Lowenstein Castle in Germany.

Call to Chivalry Camps

July- August: Call to Chivalry Camps were held in Louisiana, and later in Pennsylvania. The participants learned of the great Catholic Cristero martyrs of Mexico such as Father Miguel Pro and Blessed Jose Sanchez del Rio, martyred for his faith at age 14 after being tortured.  The camp in Pennsylvania was graced by the presence of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue of Our Lady of Fatima.

4,337 Public Square Rosary Rallies

October: On October 10, the TFP coordinated 4,337 Rosary Rallies in front of town halls, at busy intersections, in front of malls, and other public locations. TFP Student Action members held their rosary rally in New York City in front of Rockefeller Center near St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Promoting Moral Values at Shippensburg University

October: There is an unwritten rule that pressures those who are against abortion or unnatural vice to keep quiet.  So the TFP breaks the ice, and invites students to take an active role in promoting moral values on their campuses. One such campaign was held at Shippensburg University during the month of October where TFP Student Action had an information booth and distributed pro-family fliers.

Pro-Life Conference and Protect Marriage Rally

October: TFP volunteers had a booth at the Lighting the Way for Life conference held in Scranton, PA. Lather that weekend, TFP Student Action participated in the Protect Marriage Rally on the steps of the New Jersey State House.

A Trip to Thank our Heroes

November: Thirteen TFP volunteers traveled from Pennsylvania to Fort Benning in Columbus, Georgia, to show their support and gratitude to our brave troops on November 19 through 22. They also made the trip to counter-protest leftist pacifists at the gates of the military base and published a full-page ad in the Ledger-Inquirer calling on Americans to thank our military heroes.

What Does America Think of Socialist Healthcare?

December: TFP Student Action volunteers campaigned in Lancaster, Penn., alerting the public to the gravity of socialized medicine in America. Distributing a TFP statement published in The Washington Times, TFP members pointed out the blatant socialist gist of the bill, reminding passersby of the turmoil caused by socialist healthcare in other countries where it has been implemented.

Summing Up

We are grateful to all our friends and supporters and count on their continued prayers and perseverance. TFP Student Action is also thankful to Our Lady for protecting us in all our endeavors, keeping us safe from the snares of evil. We look forward to the challenges of 2010 with renewed confidence in promise made by the Mother of God at Fatima: “Finally, my Immaculate Heart will triumph!”