Driving 500 Weekend Miles for Moral Values

By TFP Student Action   
November 02, 2009
The weekend of October 24 was busy for TFP Student Action volunteers. Their first stop was Scranton, Penn., for a pro-life conference. Lighting the Way for Life was the title of the full-day conference sponsored by the Pennsylvanians for Human Life on October 24. The event brought together hundreds of pro-family leaders from across the Keystone State committed to defend innocent life against the culture of death.

TFP Student Action members manned a booth at the event and distributed pro-family literature. What attracted most attention at the busy booth was the TFP petition urging the president of the University of Notre Dame to intervene in favor of 88 pro-lifers who face charges for walking onto campus to be the voice of the unborn in May, when our pro-abortion president was honored there. Among those present at the conference was one of the men who is facing trespass charges.

Veteran pro-life activists were happy to learn more about TFP activities and meet young volunteers. A certain lady put it well, “When people think of moral rights activists, they think of old ladies. But when you have young men doing it, it has a huge impact.” Another woman stopped to have her picture taken with TFP volunteers, because, as she put it, “These men are my heroes.”

Former Kansas attorney general, Phil Kline, was the keynote speaker at the event.

marriage rally in Trenton
Trenton, New Jersey: Hundreds parade to the State House to defend traditional marriage on October 25, 2009.
Traditional Marriage Rally in New Jersey

Next destination for TFP volunteers: Trenton, New Jersey to attend the Protect Marriage Rally on the steps of the State House. Hundreds of rally participants paraded from the Catholic Cathedral to the steps of the State House, holding signs that read “Let the people decide,” urging state authorities to put the issue of same-sex “marriage” up for a vote.

The Knights of Columbus honor guard led the parade and TFP bagpipers provided patriotic music. The procession halted in front of the State House where religious and political dignitaries spoke. Among them were two Catholic bishops: Most Reverend Edgar da Cunha, Auxiliary Bishop of Newark, and Most Reverend John Smith, Bishop of Trenton. The bishops reaffirmed the Church’s teachings on marriage: that the union between man and woman only could be validated as a true marriage.

Rally goers eagerly received copies of a TFP flier titled, 10 Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed.

Mr. David Parker gave his testimony of his legal battle with the Massachusetts public school system. After homosexuality was legally imposed in Massachusetts, schools started introducing pro-homosexual curricula into the studies for children in kindergarten, using for example, the book King and King. He protested to school officials, yet instead of honoring his request for parental notification to shield his young child from matters related to homosexuality, they called the police and had him arrested.

Mr. Parked explained how he walked into his son’s school, sat down on one of the benches and told school officials that he would not leave until until they accommodated him. “They decided to accommodate me by arresting me,” he said.

Here are some video clips of the rally for you

Opposing Socialist Health Care Reform

At the end of the weekend, TFP volunteers carried out a brief campaign near the King of Prussia Mall, alerting public opinion about the dangers of socialist health care reform. They displayed a large banner that read: “If you cherish true freedom, say NO to socialistic health care reform.” Many passersby applauded the effort with enthusiasm.

Reassured and encouraged by the events over the weekend, TFP volunteers renewed their confidence in Our Lady, trusting that she will grant our great nation more courage to continue fighting the good fight for moral values in America.

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