Woman attacks peaceful rally for true marriage in Chicago (video)

By TFP Student Action   
October 31, 2013

Shortly after Tradition Family and Property (TFP) volunteers began their peaceful rally for traditional marriage near Union Station in downtown Chicago, a woman in favor of same-sex "marriage" attacked them.

The incident occurred during the afternoon rush hour on October 24 at approximately 5:30 PM.

"First, the woman aggressively tried to pull down our 13-foot banner that reads 'God's marriage = 1 man & 1 woman,'" said TFP Student Action director John Ritchie.  "When that failed, she walked away yelling profanities and making vulgar gestures.  Our volunteers chanted 'aggressor' and did not respond in kind, remaining respectful and calm."

"Within a few minutes, the pro-homosexual advocate returned," Ritchie explained.  "This time she made a beeline for our camera man who was filming the campaign.  In a violent fit of rage, she grabbed the video camera with both hands and attempted to destroy it, causing irreparable damage to the camera's external microphone.  This becomes evident in the video footage when the audio portion of the recording goes static.  She broke our microphone."

Finally letting go of the camera, she physically assaulted a second TFP volunteer who was standing nearby.  Then she grabbed one of TFP's pro-family fliers and ripped it up.

"She really wanted to muzzle our free speech," Ritchie continued.  "When it comes to true marriage -- designed by God -- those who preach tolerance often show zero tolerance.  If pro-homosexual advocates want to destroy our marriage signs, they probably want to destroy traditional marriage too.  That's why good Americans everywhere need to stand up and stop same-sex 'marriage' from destroying the family."


This AMAZING video illustrates how Americans reject same-sex "marriage"


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