Stop the Debt Fire!

By The American TFP   
July 30, 2011
Debt fire

The continuing debate over the debt ceiling raises matters of such a magnitude that it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused. Everyone can agree that there is obviously something terribly wrong about a nation that must survive by borrowing against its future.

Irresponsible spending

Elementary economics teaches us that we cannot live beyond our means indefinitely. There comes a time when such spending must stop and responsible government must prevail. This is something we can agree upon in principle.

However, that is not what is at stake at the present moment. Unfortunately, we have put ourselves in a crisis situation. We should not have done so, but we have. Like it or not, our debt obligations now weigh heavily upon us and we are constitutionally bound to honor them. Commitments we have made to retired Americans, military men and others must also be met. At the same time, our Treasury bonds serve as one of the few stable elements for the whole global economy, which now awaits anxiously a decision that must soon be made.

In this crisis of our own making, we must take extraordinary measures to insure not only our financial survival but that of the Western world, which is heavily dependent upon our stability. At this point, the most reasonable solution lies in raising the debt ceiling and offset it by non-defense spending cuts. It is not the final or even the best solution, but it is an immediate and necessary step to keep at bay a much greater threat that looms on the horizon: the collapse of our economy.

Put out the fire

Our situation might be likened to that of a building on fire. There are those who say we should leave the fire burning and concentrate on punishing the arsonists who caused the fire and thus insure they will not do so again. Meanwhile the building burns to the ground. At the present moment, our attention must be focused on putting out the fire, even if it means breaking down doors and damaging the integrity of the building in which we all live. After the fire has been put out, we will be able to secure the building and take measures and we can and must insist that the arsonists be called to task.

There are those who claim that corrective measures can only be taken in an atmosphere of crisis. In our sensational times, once the fire is put out, people forget about the problem. They claim that our insistence upon raising the debt ceiling is basically "kicking the can down the road." We share their anguish, but reiterate that, in the present circumstances, not raising the debt ceiling amounts to allowing the building to burn down.

The moral crisis

We do owe it to ourselves to find the arsonists and take measures outside the atmosphere of crisis. However, for this to happen we must recognize that this is not so much a budgetary problem as a moral one.

Solving this problem involves a change of mentality whereby we break with the culture of entitlement, subsidies and benefits which has dominated our lives for decades. We have abandoned the loving support of family and community, and in its stead conservatives and liberals alike became vitiated by this culture where we turn to government to solve all problems. Any threat to this government support system immediately brings down universal protest. This overdependence on government is the opposite of the principle of subsidiarity, which requires problems to be solved at the lowest possible level.

Over one hundred thousand American Catholics nationwide take to the Public Square each October in peaceful gatherings.

If we are serious about solving the debt crisis, Americans must be willing to assume once again responsibility for their lives and actions. We must accept once again the suffering and sacrifices that make up our lives. And, most importantly, we must turn again to God who in His Providence will provide for our needs much better than any overdrawn government.

A call to prayer

To solve our moral problem, we must seek outside help. This is a problem that is beyond human solutions. That is to say, we must pray for the grace to change our lives. As this involves everyone, we would do well to pray together in the public square.

Indeed, this is what the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP) has been doing for four years and will continue to do. On a given Saturday in October, the American TFP mobilizes over one hundred thousand American Catholics to pray the Rosary in the public square. In 2010, there were 5,963 Public Square Rosary Rallies. On October 15, 2011, there are 7,000 planned.

Consider leading your own prayer rally here.

These praying Americans use a large banner to explain their purpose to the passing public, which reads: "Praying the Rosary for America... As human efforts fail to solve America's key problems, we turn to God, through His Holy Mother, asking His urgent help."

May the Blessed Virgin Mary take these nationwide prayers into account now and help our elected political leaders urgently find a way to resolve the present impasse.

July 28, 2011
The American TFP



+8 # Eugenia 2011-08-01 09:02
Let us keep praying
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+5 # Anne M. Madden 2011-08-01 09:07
YES!!! - we should all be praying every day for the Blessed Mary's intervention in this national crisis, because at least half of those in Washington still don't get it and have their heels dug in, and much of the populace ("the ignorant masses") are so clueless that they will say Obama is doing a good job.
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+7 # Christine 2011-08-01 09:07
I'm your Canadian neighbour, and receive your emails regularly. I just want you to know how much I respect all of you for the tireless and courageous work you do to bring your nation back to the Truth. Canadians are praying for you and with you, asking for Our Lady's intercession. May God bless you all, and we'll see you in heaven :)
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+2 # Donna Taylor 2011-08-01 09:27
If I am to be involved with this organization, I need you to be more clear on your position. You don't call for a decrease in defense spending?....I think as disciples of the Prince of Peace we should.

There are things that the government is doing in our name and with our money for the neediest among us that should be challenged...abortion, birth control that is wrong in itself and creates lots of health care expenses down the road....but to just call for rescinding all government responsibility for taking care of the poor is not necessary, is it? (I think the Church should take a leading role here.)
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+3 # Phyllis Horner 2011-08-01 09:34
I will keep this all in my prayers to Our Lord & Savior, Jesus. Thank you for organizing rallies, etc.
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+9 # Angel Alvarado Jr. 2011-08-01 09:36
Prayer is the answer for real, and truthful solutions, indeed!
And spending tax monies to gain fame, votes, and to buy false friends (countries untrustworthy) is as sinful as stealing. The same politicians who vote to abort potential future citizens expect future citizens to pay for their legacies!
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+1 # Noel Fernandis 2011-08-01 09:36
I find it strange and also morally wrong when you say that spending cuts should come from "non Defense spending". Major cuts to Defense spending will result in major savings and more money to help our less privileged brothers and sisters around the world. What happened to "In God we Trust" or Trust in God to protect us, not our weapons. For too long Americans have depended on developing devastating weapons of mass destruction to lay down the law around the world. Also you forgot about taxing the wealthy (so blessed by God) so as to share their blessings with the poor. What would Jesus have said about taxing the rich. His constant message was to share your wealth with the poor. "It would be hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven". Instead America promotes and ensures that the rich get richer at the expense of the poor, as the deal reached today to solve our debt crisis proves. God bless America and bring it to its senses before it is too late.

Ed. -- To understand why the Catholic Church opposes this socialist, evil philosophy of punishing the rich for having more property than the poor, read:
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+6 # Dolores Kingery 2011-08-01 09:40
"God Governs the World
But Prayer Governs God"

from the PIETA Prayer Book
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+9 # Faye Burkett 2011-08-01 09:48
As a retired US citizen in the last 3 decades I have watched us become a nation of "me-ism" voting for those supporting our personal and selfish agendas. Correcting our priorities putting God first, followed by our families, then our country and lastly ourselves will be reflected in our voting. Then our country will recover from this mess we have created allowing God to bless us and to restore us to a great nation the whole world looks to emulate. We lead by example. We must set our minds firmly as individuals and collectively to do our small part to tackle and reverse the debt levels once the debt ceiling has been raised to ensure we never face anything like this again.
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+3 # Dalia Daniels 2011-08-01 10:04
Back to a Simpler Way of life ...........
If your blessed w/abundance simply help others anyway possible???
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+2 # Michael J Donnelly 2011-08-01 10:06
Government Spending gives power to the spender. Most politicians to whom the vote is supreme cannot in their very nature do anything but spend-spend-spend... ad infinitum
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+2 # Milton 2011-08-01 10:35
The Fed needs to be abolished and credit creation restored to Congress as stated in the American Constitution.
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+2 # eileen kelly 2011-08-01 10:39
wonderful, where is the one nearest to 18018 Bethlehem, Pa
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+4 # Lucille Fitzpatrick 2011-08-01 10:41
Praying for God+ to end this bad situation and Trusting in God+ for His+ answer to all His peoples prayers. "Praise be to God+" Amen.
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+4 # Greg Hohman 2011-08-01 10:56
Stop the madness! Extinguish the debt!
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+6 # JoAnn C. Carrillo 2011-08-01 11:04
I agree with what is written above. What will it take for Americans to see that without GOD in our lives, America will be destroyed. Likewise with the world, We will all perish.
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+2 # James M Porto 2011-08-01 11:08
Tell Congress to give back their pensions and medical care. That would be a great start in reducing the National Debt.
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+8 # Mariann Dunn 2011-08-01 11:25
Thank you for really giving the answer to America's and the world's there any such Rosary Rally in Canada? The Rosary IS the Answer....Mary promised that one day through the Rosary and the Scapular she would save the world!! (1251 AD to St.Simon Stock) ...Let's do our part!!
God bless North America!! Mariann
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+4 # M. T. 2011-08-01 11:45
Quoting Christine:
I'm your Canadian neighbour, and receive your emails regularly. I just want you to know how much I respect all of you for the tireless and courageous work you do to bring your nation back to the Truth. Canadians are praying for you and with you, asking for Our Lady's intercession. May God bless you all, and we'll see you in heaven :)

Quoting Christine:
I'm your Canadian neighbour, and receive your emails regularly. I just want you to know how much I respect all of you for the tireless and courageous work you do to bring your nation back to the Truth. Canadians are praying for you and with you, asking for Our Lady's intercession. May God bless you all, and we'll see you in heaven :)

Ditto! I am also from Canada. Praise be to God. We are praying for you and the whole world for peace and conversion. May your needs be met. God Bless America.
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+3 # James Peace 2011-08-01 12:09
We know who the arsonists are. Our Lady of Good Success told us! I believe the hidden message of Fatima is the same. The American crisis as well as the global crisis will not be abated until we obey the message that God sent us through the Queen of Heaven at Fatima.
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+2 # Patsy 2011-08-01 12:16
WE need prayers for this national debt of Fire. Pray rosary everyday
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+7 # Janet Spoon 2011-08-01 12:30
I am a United Methodist Christian, not a Roman Catholic, but I totally agree with the position of the TFP on this issue (& most others). I also think that the cutting back should begin with Congressional members, though maybe not with them returning all their benefits (see # 17). They could cut their salaries and reduce their staffs, etc., as a beginning. And if anyone's checks should be held from delivery on time (military, SS, etc.) it should be Congress, the President, and perhaps others in the Federal Government. May God forgive our national sins and heal our land.
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+2 # Dennis 2011-08-01 13:41
It seems odd that you protect defense spending. What do you fear that you are willing to take the money from the disadvantaged so as to be able to initiate conflict? Jesus challenged us to love our neighbor, pray, fast and give alms. Defense spending does none of these, does it? To whom much is given much is expected. We are a wealthy nation yet little trickles down. The poor had a special place in Jesus' heart. They obviously do not in your current position. Some realignment is called for here. Please pray that this nation has the wisdom and courage to live the whole gospel
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-1 # rafaelmarie 2011-08-01 14:13


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+2 # April 2011-08-01 14:14
pay close attention especially to the last verse .............

1.My country,'tis of thee, sweet land of liberty,of thee I sing; land where my fathers died,land of the pilgrims' pride,
from every mountainside let freedom ring!

2.My native country, thee,land of the noble free, thy name I love;I love thy rocks and rills,thy woods and templed hills; my heart with rapture thrills, like that above.

3.Let music swell the breeze,and ring from all the trees sweet freedom's song;let mortal tongues awake;let all that breathe partake; let rocks their silence break, the sound prolong.

4.Our fathers' God, to thee,author of liberty, to thee we sing;long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light;protect us by thy might, great God, our King.
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+1 # M. R. EBY 2011-08-01 15:08
We need to raise the ceiling on the National debt, so we will be able to borrow money to pay off the National debt - NOW THAT DOESN'T MAKE SENSE!
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+4 # Henry Homrighaus 2011-08-01 15:26
American defense spending is what saved Europe through two world wars with Germany and saved the Pacific and Asian countries from Japanese aggression in world war II. This country through its armed forces has been a protective force for most of the world holding many dictators in check.
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+2 # Laura Kuriatnyk 2011-08-01 16:56
Raising the debt cieling is not the answer.Its time to bring our troops home.This president has put us in 5 new wars.Stop forein aid,stop policing other nations.we need to mind our own buiness.Gaurd our borders like every other country does.cut the presidents and all congress and the senates pay when they leave office or are voted more entitlements for them.A Balanced Budget amendment right now. Your dead wrong on raising the debt can't borrow what you can't pay back!They will do nothing to balance they use basless scare tactics to get u to agree with them.I'm not so sure Our holy mother see's it your way !!!
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+1 # Abel Kurian 2011-08-01 17:13
America has sufficed to terror of immorality. Such a terror can bring about an abrupt destruction to the millions of souls. So God has decided to punish her for her iniquities, as long as corruption occurs ,so far the tremor of punishment be withheld against her. In this case the debt ceiling is a call towards every person to change their attitude and bring to an end this corruption
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0 # Tout 2011-10-06 21:53
I pray rosary each day.And once a week(if good wheather)in public at Maria statue downtown.Some pedestrians come to touch the statue.
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