8 Reasons to STOP Cussing

How to kick the cussing habit forever.

Modesty and God

Dress is more than meets the eye. Learn why.

24 Quotes About Purity That Every Young (& Old) Catholic Should Know

These inspired quotes will give you encouragement to fight for purity.

Why Pepperdine University Should Keep the Statue of Columbus

In their latest attempt to rewrite history, radical leftists are demonstrating at Pepperdine University for the removal of a statue depicting Christopher Columbus.

Etiquette and Ceremonial: Why?

What role does ceremony and etiquette play in your life?

The Robot iPal Babysitter? No. Machines Can't Replace Moms

Humans need other humans -- not robots -- to care for them.

Old and New Spirit of Hospitality

The spirit of traditional Christian hospitality and the spirit of modern, cold, materialistic hospitality are represented by two architectural styles from two different epochs.

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