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Caravan Sees Effusive Pro-Life Support in Pennsylvania

Harrisburg and Camp Hill, Pennsylvania
July 19, 2017

Our first stop today was at Colonial Commons in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The reception at this location was much better compared to the response seen in Washington, D.C. Lots of people honked their horns with gusto and joy. One after another, entire lanes of passing cars honked "for the unborn."

This steady display of support, however, was interrupted by a Satanist who screamed: "Throw all babies in the trash -- Hail Satan!" This vile comment demonstrates how, at its deepest root, abortion is connected to and fomented by the father of lies.

Moments later, a car pulled up. The driver refused to "honk against abortion."

But TFP volunteer Michael Shibler spotted a sticker on the car, "Dog adoption and education services" and quickly asked the driver, "If you like adoption for dogs, why not for babies?" Seeing the contradiction of her first attitude, the driver decided to honk her horn.

Another car rolled up to the light. Its driver said, "I just aborted my son." What shocked us the most was the callous nonchalance of the man's statement. Not a shred of remorse or regret could be detected in his voice. He was hardened in his pro-abortion stance. Pray for his conversion.

Then a police officer arrived. "You're good where you are," he said. "I like what you're doing. Good job."

Afternoon Campaign in Camp Hill

At the traffic light, you frequently get challenged by pro-abortion advocates. TFP volunteer, Alex Shibler, 17, found himself in a discussion with multiple people at the same time. While a group of five teenagers flung verbal barbs at Alex, a woman launched pro-abortion slogans at him from her car window:

"You're ridiculous defending lives," she said.
"What about in cases of rape?"
"Don't kill the child for the crimes of his father," Alex said. "Abortion is never the answer -- the virtue of purity is."
"My body, my choice... the unborn don't deserve to be defended."

Beyond the shallow sound bites coined by the abortion industry and repeated by the liberal media, most pro-abortion arguments fall flat on their face. Insults are the most common response. Reason is absent. Human personhood is denied. The truth is trampled.

Thank God, even the youngest volunteers on our caravan are able to dismantle the pro-abortion slogans with ease.

Let us continue to defend what is right and holy despite the disproval of the world. Let us work with more and more zeal and devotion to restore the moral fabric of our beloved nation.

Please pray for us on this vital mission. We will pray for you.

God bless you.