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TFP Volunteers Campaign for Unborn in Washington, D.C.

This morning we campaigned for the unborn at K Street and 17th Street NW, a perfect downtown destination to interact with the public in Washington, D.C.  As soon as all the pro-life banners were visible, reactions begun -- both pro and con.

"I'm with you," said a joyful passerby who showed us his rosary. 

A little later, an older woman blurted:  "Give women their rights!"

"Do you really think anyone has the right to kill an innocent baby?" asked a TFP volunteer.

"Yeah," responded the pro-abortion woman with a shrug.

I didn't know the TFP still existed," said an older man who was probably in his sixties.  "I remember hearing about the TFP when I lived in Mexico.  I was only 15 years-old at the time."

Many walked by and expressed their support with variations of "I'm with you" and "thank you for doing this."

Visibly irritated, a pro-abortion women refused the TFP handout with disdain.  "But don't you love children?" asked a TFP volunteer.

"No, I don't care about children," she said, "I'm gay."

Real Men Defend the Unborn

On this TFP Student Action tour, a new generation of young men are stepping out of their comfort zones for the first time in their lives.  They are quickly learning the ropes: How to debate and stand up for moral values.  Having attended a TFP Call to Chivalry Camp, these boys understand how chivalry, practiced today, includes defending the right to life with boldness and peaceful Christian daring. 

Pro-abortion activists -- both men and women -- attempt to discredit the validity of our campaign by shouting, "Where are all the women? You can't talk because you're a man."  The sight of a team of motivated manly men really disturbs them.  Usually, you don't get more than a few seconds to respond.  So far the following response works well: "Real men defend innocent life."

"I agree with you.  And I had an abortion."

In the afternoon, we campaigned at a busy intersection in Germantown, Maryland.  The traffic was heavy and steady and many passing cars responded favorably to the "Honk for the Unborn" signs.

From her car, one lady rolled down her window and said:  "I agree with you.  You speak the truth because I had an abortion and I've had to live with it every single day.  I know the truth and I know abortion is a horrible thing."  Full of regret, the lady could no longer restrain her profound grief and began to weep copiously. 

"We will pray for you and you pray for me," said a TFP volunteer.

"Thank you so much," she replied.  "Yes, I will pray for you and please, please pray for me."  Then she honked her horn and drove away.

From his utility van, a man made the shape of a gun with his hand and motioned that he was shooting each TFP volunteers as he drove past the intersection.  He was clearly what they call "pro-choice."  In this instance, he was expressing his "choice" to shoot peaceful, law-abiding Americans who believe in God and fight prayerfully for the future of the family.  But that's what the Culture of Death produces:  Sick minds.  Sick souls.  The fundamental right to life of those who are already born is no longer respected when they stand up for its application to the unborn.

The weather is hot and sticky.  But the additional sacrifice is yet another occasion to make reparation to God for the national sin of procured abortion in America.

Please continue to pray for this pro-life tour.  We appreciate your prayers.

Saint Michael the Archangel, pray for us!

May God convert America.