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Pro-Abortion Girl: 'Babies Are Less Than Pigs'

Baltimore, Maryland
July 20, 2017

Morning destination:  Pratt Street, downtown Baltimore.  The location was excellent and we were able to engage many people in conversation and debate against the lies of the pro-abortion movement.  Hundreds of sidewalk pedestrians readily took the TFP flier, 10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn.

"My mother contemplated aborting me," said a cyclist who paused on the curb for brief chat. "Thank God she didn't," he added.  "I have three beautiful children."

A few steps away, a lady stopped to talk with another TFP volunteer: "I convinced my niece not to have an abortion. And now she's blessed with several children."

Pro-abortion girl:  "[babies] are less than pigs"

A man with his teenage daughter lost his self control.  He stood on the sidewalk and launched into a very loud rant in favor of abortion.  Pedestrians looked astonished as he rudely spoke over everyone who attempted to reason with him.  "Do you want them to be unwanted and miserable their whole lives?  Abortion gets rid of babies conceived in rape.  Nobody should be miserable and unwanted."

"What about people whose lives are considered less than perfect?" a TFP member asked. "Should they be put to death too?" The man's daughter chimed in: "Rape babies are less than pigs."

Across the street, a woman approached Michael Shibler and said:

"Men can't talk about abortion."
"Are you saying men shouldn't care about women's issues?"
"Yes... I mean, no... Just don't talk to me."

Meanwhile, a black man in his twenties turned to his friend and said: "Did you notice they're all men?  I like that.  It's good to see men against abortion."

Clusters of businessmen walking to lunch often refused to talk or accept a copy of the TFP flier, 10 Reasons to Protect the Unborn.  But when the same people returned from  their lunch break without being in the company of their coworkers, they frequently took a flier and expressed support: "Keep it up!"  Such is the power of peer pressure.

Next Stop:  Timonium, Maryland

At a busy Timonium intersection off highway 83, we unfurled our banners and flags.  The honking "for the unborn" began immediately.  Rolling down his window, one man said:  "I'm so glad to see young people with a grasp of reality, because so many don't understand anymore."

Being on the streets for a few days now, we've noticed that truckers and taxi drivers are generally more outspoken against abortion. They really like to honk in support.

An adult man riding a big motorcycle stopped at the intersection.  He repeated many of the common pro-abortion arguments in rapid succession.  "How many have you adopted?"  TFP volunteers at the corner -- many of them 15 and 16 years old -- replied that they were obviously too young to adopt children.  But the man kept yelling the same silly questions. 

Pro-abortion contradictions abound.  We encountered pro-abortion advocates, for example, who call the unborn person nothing more than a blob of tissue and, in the same breath, ask how many children we plan to adopt?  Suddenly, the "blob" is worthy of "adoption."  Common sense is not so common.


The sweltering heat of the afternoon was mitigated by a kind pro-life couple who we never met before.  They parked their car and delivered trays of snow cones to us at the intersection.  The shaved ice was so refreshing.  What was even more encouraging than the act of kindness itself is the fact that America is blessed with hosts of courageous souls who, against all odds, work tirelessly to banish the culture of death from our land and make the sin of abortion unthinkable.

May God bless and convert America.

Your turn:  What is the best comeback to: "Men can't oppose abortion because they're not women."

Post your thoughts in comments section.  Thank you.