Street Campaigns

Relativism on Steroids: Pro-Life vs. Pro-Abortion Debate on Campus

See what it's like to oppose abortion at Penn State University.

Lawless Mob Disrupts Pro-Life March to Defund Planned Parenthood

Prayerful smiles vs. uncontrolled rage. See the video.

Unusual Support for the Police Witnessed

Pray for the police. Americans need to answer the call to support the police who are defending our country from disorder.

Saint Michael Prayer Tour Gets Steady Support in New Mexico

Over 850 favorable honks were counted during our rush-hour campaign.

Young TFP Volunteers Start Multi-State Prayer Tour

"We literally felt like we were in the jaws of the enemy, a good place to win souls."

Policeman Tears Up Seeing So Much Support at TFP Prayer Rally

"... a police officer started weeping after seeing the tremendous outpouring of support."

Rosary Prayer Tour Reaches Arkansas and Oklahoma

"The clear majority of drivers were very supportive."

Voice of the Unborn in Boston

About 75 motivated pro-lifers, young and old, assembled nearby. The rosary was recited aloud in reparation for the sin of abortion. Hymns were sung. And TFP bagpipers played Amazing Grace in memory of the countless innocent lives lost to the culture of death. A variety of homemade “Defund Planned Parenthood” signs were most visible. The prayers and the music unnerved some of the pro-aborts.

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