Nov 14, 2016 Print this article

Support the #ThinBlueLine

Pray for the Police.

In the past, the police simply kept order. But now, in the new climate of hostility and terrorism... the police are symbols of heroism.  They put themselves in the line of fire to preserve order.

Whether responding to 9/11 or 9-1-1, the police are always there.  They are even targeted by the agents of disorder who seek to kill them, take innocent lives and terrorize communities.

And just as American soldiers are honored and thanked for their service, it is only right that the police be honored for their noble service.  They protect us.  They protect our families and communities from harm.

The police are often the thin blue line that prevent society’s descent into chaos.

As the battle between order and anarchy rages, what will you do?  Will you be indifferent.  Or will YOU back the thin blue line?

Americans need to answer the call to support the police who are defending our country from disorder.

Pray for the Police.