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St. Junipero Serra Under Attack at Stanford University

For the past few years, there have been movements throughout the nation to remove any public references or honors for St. Junipero Serra.

For Sake of 'Inclusion,' Saint Louis University Rips Out Statue of Fr. De Smet

Alert: To appease the new dictatorship of political correctness, the statue celebrating Fr. De Smet's heroic missionary zeal for the Indians was removed from the very Catholic campus where he once served as dean, treasurer and professor in 1829.

Valedictorian Calls Peers to Be Catholic Heroes to Fix Warped Culture

​Unlike so many high school graduates who search for mere mediocre pleasure or personal gain, the St. Louis de Montfort Academy graduates of 2014 are charting a different path of great promise for America's future.​

Combat Marine survives deadly gun shots thanks to Saint Michael

With a photo of Saint Michael tucked into his helmet, he said: “I don’t need luck.” When the U. S. Marines of Company B, 1st Battalion, 6th Regiment attacked the Taliban stronghold of Marjah in Afghanistan in 2010, they knew what to expect from the terrorists: lethal resistance, heavy fire, and constant danger.

Mission Accomplished, Thank God

TFP Student Action 2010 campaign highlights Every prayer, every sacrifice and every action made a difference in 2010. TFP Student Action is most grateful to its dedicated members and friends who joined us in the spiritual crusade for moral values this year.