Catholic Diocese School Policy Favors Unnatural Transgender Confusion. Join Prayerful Protest.

  • June 18, 2017
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"Tolerance" is the new idol and even some Catholic schools are bowing.

The new policy on student admission for Catholic schools in the Diocese of Jefferson City, Missouri, is a sad example. It welcomes same-sex “families” and has no problem admitting students who claim to have changed their gender to be “transgender.”

“Wherever possible, enrollment is the goal,” the new policy states.

Concretely, what does this mean for the other children who attend Catholic schools in the diocese of Jefferson City? It means constant interaction with “transgender” students in the classroom, restroom, cafeteria, sporting events and field trips. The new policy also harms students who call themselves “transgender” for the simple reason that it tells them it’s okay to ignore their real, God-given biology.

This misguided policy is a scandal! Sign Your Prayerful Protest.

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Sister Elizabeth Youngs, SCL
Superintendent of Catholic Schools
Diocese of Jefferson City
Phone: 573-635-9127 Ext. 248
Email: [email protected]
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