DEFUND Planned Parenthood Forever

  • May 05, 2017
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The painful truth is this: Your tax-dollars help finance Planned Parenthood.

Because -- every year -- Planned Parenthood gets about $528 million in federal funding, which covers 40% of its pro-abortion budget. With that infusion of cash, Planned Parenthood killed 327,653 babies in one year, according to its own annual report.

That's 27,304 abortions per month... 910 per day... 37 per hour.

Please sign this pro-life petition now. Tell Congress to STOP funding Planned Parenthood.

And remember:

  • Your signature to end abortion is a prayer before the throne of God. A prayer of reparation for the national sin of abortion. And a prayer that will attract the blessings of God upon you and your family.

  • Your petition will give a voice to the voiceless. You will speak for the preborn. And your voice will urge our civil leaders in Congress to finally defund Planned Parenthood -- forever.

  • Your petition will broadcast the truth by exposing how Planned Parenthood harvests baby organs and sells them for profit. The chilling videos put out by the Center for Medical Progress document this horror in detail.

We must stand up and fight for the unborn.

With prayer, perseverance and action the Culture of Death can be defeated. Planned Parenthood can be defunded. And the God-given right to life can be restored. Your petition will propel this crusade for the unborn forward. Act now.