Urge this Catholic University to STOP Funding Pro-LGBT Events on Campus

  • June 18, 2019
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Should the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas fund activities that favor sin, offend God, and undermine Catholic morality?

Of course not. However, according to the student newspaper, The Celt Independent, a new pro-homosexual organization on campus called Diversity and Inclusion received funding in the amount of $1,500.00 to hold two “LGBT” events on campus next fall.

Responding to the scandal, concerned students, alumni and faithful Catholics are urging the university to defund and cancel these activities which undermine 2,000 years of Catholic teaching.

Everyone is invited to sign this petition.

Based on the sin of pride, the pro-homosexual movement is incompatible with Catholic education because truth and virtue cannot coexist on equal footing with error and vice. Sin is an act of revolt against the order established by God and, therefore, an offense against the Creator Himself.

Because of original sin, man can fall out of weakness and feel shame and desire to make amends, or he can sin with special malice and take pride in his sin. In this case, revolt against the Creator becomes more manifest. As St. Thomas Aquinas teaches, “[it] is characteristic of pride to be unwilling to be subject to any superior, and especially to God.”

For this reason, St. Thomas points to “pride or self-love as the beginning of every evil.” Furthermore, Holy Scripture affirms that “pride is the beginning of all sin” (Eccles. 10:15).

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God bless you for defending the truth.