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Sign Your Protest Against the Sinful "Draggieland" Drag Show at Texas A&M

Sign This to Stop Immoral "Drag Show" on Jesuit Campus

Why did Protestant Pastors and Communists Join a Drag Queen Story Hour?

TFP opposes the transgender revolution against children.

Fighting Back Against the Drag Queen Story Hour

Transgender movement targets kids.

SHOCKER: "Drag Queen Story Hour" Targets Preschool Children in Public Libraries

Enough is enough!

"Drag Queen Story Time" Postponed Indefinitely Because of Protest

Yes, peaceful protest works.

What I Saw at “Drag Queen Story Hour” Shocked Me

How can the American Library Association endorse this?

Tell Saint Joseph’s University to CANCEL Sinful Drag Show

Opposing DRAGgieland: A Spiritual Battle for the Soul of Texas A&M

A battle between Angels and demons plays out.

Texans Say NO to Indecent Drag Queen Storytime for Toddlers

Has society sunk lower than Sodom and Gomorrah?

18,000 People Urge Indiana Library to Cancel Drag Queen Story Hour for Children

Join the peaceful protest today.

Sign Protest Against Drag Show at Catholic University

STOP Transgender "Drag Queen Story Hour" for 3 Year-Olds in Public Libraries

Repulsive Drag Show at Jesuit Seattle University

After promoting Planned Parenthood internships on its web site, Seattle University has fallen even lower in its abandonment of St. Ignatius of Loyola. According to the university’s student newspaper, The Spectator, a packed audience attended the 5th annual drag show in the Campion Ballroom on April 27.

Tell the Public Library to Stop Grooming Children with “Drag Queen Story Hour”

Tell Orpheum Theater: Stop Attacking the Baby Jesus with Grotesque “Drag Queen Christmas”

Sign Your Petition Against Immoral "Drag Queen Story Hour" Event for 3-Year-Olds

What You Can Do to CANCEL "Drag Queen Story Hour" that Attacks Children

Sinful "Drag Show" at Jesuit Seattle University

If Seattle University wishes to live up to its Jesuit tradition and Catholic identity, this is the time for them to show it by publically condemning the drag show event, apologizing for having allowed the scandal multiple times, and banishing it forever.

Catholic Students Protest Immoral Drag Queen Show at Texas A&M

TFP Student Action volunteers take a stand for decency.

Notre Dame Divided: Catholic Students vs. Drag Show on Campus

Sign Your Protest Against "Drag Queen Storytime" for Children at Rocky River Public Library

Tell the Catholic University of San Diego to Nix Sinful "Drag Show"

Sign Petition Against "Drag Queen Story Hour" for 3-Year-Olds at Palm Springs Public Library

Urge Jesuit College to Stop Teaching "Drag King" Blasphemy Against Our Lord

Shocker: Catholic College Approves "Educational" Drag Show Despite Peaceful Protest

In four days, over 7,025 students and parents have signed a respectful petition, urging the Jesuit-run Le Moyne College in upstate New York not to host its second annual "drag show" scheduled on March 10.

Defenders of the Christ Child Protest “Christmas” Drag Queen Blasphemy

Down with public blasphemy.

Tell Jesuit Campus: Nix the "Drag Show" and Close the “Trans-Affirming” Clinic for Children

Urge the University of San Diego to CANCEL the sinful "drag show"

Another Pro-Homosexual "Drag Show" at Catholic USD: Vatican Calls it a 'Scandal'

The Catholic University of San Diego is hosting its third pro-homosexual “drag show” on April 10 at Shiley Theatre. The offensive event is called PRIDE's Celebration of Gender Expression: Supreme Drag Superstar III.

Beyond Shameful: Immoral Drag Shows Spread to 5 Catholic Universities

At least five Catholic universities have been hosting pro-homosexual drag shows on campus. That number may sharply increase given the aggressive demands of the homosexual revolution.

"Drag Show" at Catholic USD Takes Satanic Turn: 14,700 Protest the Scandal

More than 14,700 concerned students and parents signed the TFP Student Action e-protest, calling for the cancelation of a pro-homosexual "drag show" at the Catholic University of San Diego.

West Texas A&M University Cancels Vile Drag Show. Sign the Thank You.

Stop the Grooming: Protest Immoral Drag Brunch at West Potomac High School

"Smoke of Satan" Enters Catholic Le Moyne College with Impure Drag Show

TFP Student Action is asking its members to send a peaceful message to Dr. Pestello at Le Moyne College, urging him to cancel the drag show.

Why Catholics Should Protest LA Dodgers' Celebration of Lewd Drag Queen “Nuns”

Sign Protest to STOP the Los Angeles Dodgers “Pride Night” Against God that Celebrates Drag Queen “Nuns”

Unmasking Communist China: Interview with Steven Mosher who witnessed forced abortions

Beware of the red dragon.

Biology is Hate for Pro-Transgender Students at Shippensburg University

For the woke, basic biology is considered to be hateful.

What 10 Saints Said Before Going to Heaven: Amazing Quotes

Very moving examples for us.

True Sanctity Lies in Strength of Soul and Not in Sentimental Softness

Are saints soft and sentimental, or heroic and strong?

University Café Is Dedicated to Notorious Terrorist

Fight neo-communism in America.

If Communism Is Dead, Why Do These Universities Love It?

There is a link between political correctness and full-blown communism.

Pro-Transgender Advocate Attacks a Statue of the Virgin Mary, Gets Arrested

The attacker was arrested. Watch the video.

Young Catholics Protest Fr. James Martin's Pro-Homosexual Talk

Liberal Catholics get angry.

Catholics Battle Blasphemy at College of the Holy Cross

Message to Prof. Liew: Disavow or resign.

Dr. Cretella on Transgenderism: A Mental Illness Is Not a Civil Right

Best arguments to oppose transgender child abuse.

The Day I Met a Woke Student Who Thought She Was a Wolf

Where has reality gone?

Jesuit University Invites Male “Trans” Activist to Talk About “Womanhood”

What would St. Ignatius do?

Stop “Pride Mass” Sacrilege that Wounds the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Protest Now.

STOP Sinful “Pride Week” at Catholic Campus

Catholic DePaul University Falls for Woke Pro-Transgender Pronoun Nonsense -- Sign the Protest

Urge Dominican University to Cancel Talk by Pro-Homosexual Priest -- a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing

Tell Cardinal Stritch University: Stop Neo-Pagan LGBT Agenda on Catholic Campus

Urge Catholic Campus to Replace Pro-LGBT Priest Who Favors Transgenderism for Kids

Petition to Disband Pro-Homosexual Activism on Catholic Campuses

Pro-abortion group enjoys full recognition at the Catholic University of San Diego

Abortion advocacy is never consistent with Catholic education.

Boys, Chivalry and Adventure in the Ozarks

No. Chivalry is not dead: Campers departed enriched by new friends, inspired by the examples of the Saints, and ready to follow the virtuous maxims of Catholic chivalry in the 21st Century.

Young Crusaders in a World “Devastated and Without Honor”

“Finally! Young men who are Crusaders! It gives me hope to see young men like you.” Amidst the barrage of immorality and mediocrity in this post-modern society, 50 young men attended the 2015 TFP Call to Chivalry Summer Camp in Louisiana to learn about heroism, virtue and how to be true manly Catholics.

Marxist Professor Tells Students to Reject “White Christianity" at Catholic University

Speaker attacks God on Catholic campus.

Refuting 9 Lies Used to Push After School Satan Clubs

How to destroy satanist lies.

Human-Monkey Chimeras Reach New Low in the Culture of Death

The abortion mentality is a dark slippery slope.

Does the Bible Really Say You Can’t Judge?

Get the full answer.

Petition Victory: Catholic University Pulls Planned Parenthood 'Resource'

Abortion is clearly not healthcare.

An Urgent Appeal to Resist the Betrayal and Ruin of the West, Flower of Christian Civilization

The time to defend Christian Civilization is now.

8 Ways Fr. Massingale Is Harming Souls With Pro-LGBT Activism

Help Catholic students defend the truth.

Pro-Transgender Researchers Confess Their Study Was Wrong

The truth comes out.

What Happens When You Pray for the Unborn at Georgetown?

Pro-life vs. pro-abortion clash on campus

Regis University Stains Catholic Identity with Pro-LGBT Conference

Real Catholics reject unnatural vice.

Satanists Infiltrate United States Naval Academy

Satanism should be excluded from the USNA.

Toy Company Mattel Leads Assault on Children with Gender Neutral Dolls -- Join Protest

Mattel, Inc. is harming children with transgender toys.

Should Catholic Seton Hall University Sponsor a Satanic Concert?

Enough is enough.

Generation Z Catholics Protest Fr. Martin’s Pro-LGBT Talk at St. Joseph’s University

Yes to purity. No to lust.

Unmasking Socialism on Campus Receives Popular Support

Socialism vs. True Freedom.

Sounding the Alarm Against Socialism at Gettysburg College

Why are millions of people fleeing Venezuela?

8 Reasons to STOP Cussing

How to kick the cussing habit forever.

The Robot iPal Babysitter? No. Machines Can't Replace Moms

Humans need other humans -- not robots -- to care for them.

Col. John W. Ripley, USMC: Uncommon Valor

Catholic U.S. Marine Corps legend, a true American knight.

The 6 Secrets That Every Young Catholic Should Know About Chastity

Dear Catholic: It's time for you to go on the offensive for purity and win the battle against impurity. Build your Invincible Castle of Chastity with these 6 secrets.

Equality's Next Victims: Transgendering Our Children

“We can do wonders if we get them early.” -- Dr. Norman Spack, director of Gender Management Service at Boston Children’s Hospital Find out what the new dictators of equality are doing to confuse and manipulate children to foster a culture without morals.

Fr. Emil Kapaun: The Good Thief

Medal of Honor recipient and Catholic priest, his stunning story of sacrifice will inspire you.

Dignified Pride Is the Harmonious Complement of Humility

Cardinal Rafael Merry del Val was a noble, majestic, pensive, grave, gentle, yet humble soul who was imbued with the supernatural dignity worthy of his office.

God is Merciful, But He is Also Just

"Be careful," says St. John Climacus, "when that hellish dog, the devil, and not God, promises you divine mercy to indulge you to commit sin!"

Holy Cross Features Same-Sex "Wedding" Photo in Alumni Magazine

Holy Cross Magazine promotes same-sex sin.

Blasphemous "Art" Against Jesus Removed From College After Protest

Protest cuts blasphemous exhibit short.

Truth vs. Transgenderism Sparks Raging Debate at Bloomsburg University

Does biology matter anymore?

Pro-Homosexual Activism Subverts Truth at 130 Catholic Colleges

The homosexual movement is subverting moral values at a growing number of Catholic universities and colleges in America, according to a detailed TFP Student Action report published on May 13, 2016.

What it is Like to Defend Marriage on Campus in the Deep South

The future belongs to God's marriage.

City Hall Hoists Rainbow Flag above Old Glory

The campaign in Binghampton, New York, yesterday had an interesting twist. As we raised the American flag to begin our efforts in favor of traditional marriage, a group of people standing on the opposite side of the street – in front of City Hall – were about to hoist the very symbol of the opposition: a rainbow flag, with the approval of city mayor Matthew Ryan.

VIDEO: Police Protect Pro-Life Marchers in Manhattan from Vile Pro-Abortion Anarchists

Will you fight for the unborn?

Truth vs. Transgender Clash at Georgetown Campus – They Spit, Yell, Curse

Stand your ground for the truth.

Pride and the Occult: Two Colors of the Same Rainbow

Good vs. evil.

Video: How to Dismantle 10 of the Worst and Most Crafty LGBT Arguments

Can a sin ever be a right?

Young Catholics vs. Barking LGBT Mob

Sin is enslaving. This video proves it.

Transgender Delusions Debunked by Dr. Cretella

Learn the truth.

Video: Where Saint Michael Appeared

Nowhere is Saint Michael’s presence more keenly felt than at Mont Saint Michel.

STOP Fr. James Martin’s Pro-Transgender Summit at Fordham University

Student Punished for Wearing ‘2 Gender Club’ T-Shirt Plans to Make 200 More

Biology doesn't lie.

The Pilgrimage to Santiago: A Journey of Prayer, Suffering and Joy

Faith in action.

Best Advice for the Class of 2023: Don't Be Underwhelming

How to become a beacon of faith and hope in a morally bankrupt world.

LGBT Advocates Attack Peaceful Pro-Family Event: “Paint hit me in the eyes”

What happens when you defend the innocence of children in Chicago? This.

Sign the Pledge of Fidelity to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Fr. James Martin Fans Hate the Rosary but Love Sin

Purity vs. Impurity battle at Georgetown.

Victory for the Unborn at “Most Left-Wing” University in America

TFP challenges the sin of abortion on Ivy League campus.

Sacrilege Inside St. Patrick’s Cathedral Calls for Public Reparation – Join the Protest

Hundreds Gather Outside St. Patrick’s Cathedral for Reparation Against Sacrilege

God in School: Student-Run Rosary Club Converts Souls in Public School

Is this a small miracle?

It’s Not About Football. It’s Harrison Butker’s Beliefs that Got Him in Trouble

The left unmasks itself.

Tell Gov. Landry You Support the Ten Commandments in Schools

Protest Fr. James Martin’s Pro-LGBTQ Summit on Catholic Campus