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30 Days of Pro-Homosexual Promotion: How Un-Catholic Can Georgetown Get with 'OUTober'?

When it comes to pushing the pro-homosexual envelope within the context of a Catholic university, Georgetown always seems to be at the forefront. If the enemies of truth are able to subvert Catholic moral teaching from within, the path to sexual anarchy will be much easier to achieve.

The officially recognized and endorsed "LGBTQ Resource Center" at Georgetown University has organized a full-month of pro-homosexual activities on campus from October 7 to November 7.

The program posted online is called "OUTober 2013." One of the upcoming events invites students to a community BBQ. "Join us in a celebration of LGBTQ life on campus," the invitation reads. On October 16, students are encouraged to attend a presentation titled: "Beyond Gay Marriage: Race, Class, & the Future of the LGBTQ Movement."

"Queer Love, Intimacy, and Relationships" is a similarly disturbing presentation described in these terms: "Since many of our relationships are outside the 'norms' of traditional relationships, we have little to guide us as models. Come explore the characteristics of healthy relationships, including the importance of communication, and safe sexual relations.

"Next on the schedule: "Performing the Transmasculine" by a lewd striptease performer.

On November 5, another discussion will focus on expanding yet further the public acceptance of open homosexuality in the military: "Even as we continue to make immense strides in implementing the policy, challenges remain," the invitation states. "Hear from those who worked for the repeal of DADT..."

"This pro-homosexual program will only serve to undermine Catholic teaching, virtue, chastity, and true marriage between one man and one woman," said TFP Student Action Director John Ritchie. "On the same campus of Dahlgren Chapel, where Our Lord is present in the tabernacle, you'll have an immoral striptease performer and events that directly offend the Sacred Heart of Jesus," he said. "It needs to stop."

According to TFP Student Action research, 111 Catholic colleges in America, including Georgetown University, recognize pro-homosexual student clubs. That's 52%. In opposition to this grave scandal, over 33,000 students and concerned parents have petitioned the presidents of these institutions to stop recognizing such clubs on campus.

The TFP petition reads:

"The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly teaches that homosexual vice is 'intrinsically disordered' and 'contrary to natural law' (2357). Therefore, I respectfully urge you not to approve, recognize or finance student clubs or activities that endorse or promote homosexual sin. I have no intention to disparage anyone. I only wish to restore moral values and protect the next generation of Catholic leaders."